Jan 5, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows

i love these, i really want to have some more of them. (but they're too expensive and i already have soo many eyeshadows to buy these just as a little extra :(  )
next to Delicate Hummingbird (which is reviewed and swatched here) i have two other eyeshadows from Rouge Bunny Rouge: Abyssinian Catbird mono and A Major, Fis Minor duo.

Abyssinian Catbird (2.4g - about 26€ on zuneta.com) is a very intense, dark golden olive-bronze with a metallic finish. it is very pigmented and smooth, very blendable and lasts the whole day without fading or creasing.

A Major Fis Minor duo eyeshadow (2.5g - about 32€ on zuneta.com) contains a pale golden beige and a mauvey chocolate brown. these shades are shimmery, but the shimmer is very fine and appears more like a silky sheen. the texture is just as buttery smooth as the mono-eyeshadows, but a little less pigmented and because of that very easy to wear daytime (for a quick neutral eye).

all in all i find these eyeshadows really beautiful, there are some more colours i MUST get (e.g. Mysterious Tinamou, Solstice Halcyon, Gracious Asari, Electrifying Storm-Petrel ... ), but these are no general must-haves for me (as it's the case with all make up - you can always find substitutes that fit your needs/wallet). Dior also does great textured eyeshadows, also the starflash-finishes from MAC and these are much easier to get.
but if you want to splurge on a special colour, don't forget to take a look at these! and if you are a beauty fanatic like me, you should really get at least one of these to enrich your collection ;) sadly you have to rely on swatch fotos on the internet, because it's quite hard to get this brand in stores.


  1. Abyssinian Catbird sieht toll aus, das ist eine sehr schöne Farbe!

  2. *lechz*
    tolle farben!
    aber der preis ist schon solide.

  3. ja, die mono-eyeshadows sind echt super! es gibt auch ein wunderschönes dunkel-teal-farbenes...lechz!


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