Jan 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

once again, happy new year to everyone!
i hope you all have recovered from your hangovers ;)
on the first day of a new year, it's a custom in my home country not to cut your hair, cuticles, nails, anything to keep your luck - quite funny but i still try to stick to it. but it's always on these days when you suddenly and unexpectedly discover a really really annoying hair growing in your face, a fat brow hair in the middle of your lid or a disgusting one above your lips haha.

new year's pledges anyone?
do you have any? what are your plans for this year?
mine are quite flexible, so i can easily stick to them :P
  • less impulse buying of drugstore make up - save up money for high end wishes (this is an easy one)
  • work out regularly
  • i need to drink much more than i do - in fact i  also need more fruits and vegetables in my everyday life
  • learn more for uni
  • more quality time with my short one
  • finally do my driving licence
  • keep up with regular posting for the blog
  • handle my stuff (especially shoes!) more carefully - i'm the sort of "one-pair-of-shoes-at-a-time-but wear-them-'til-they-break"-person. and i am very destructive.


thank you for commenting!

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