Jan 9, 2011

my blog is a doFollow-Blog!

created by Jabelchen

if you comment in other (Blogger/blogspot-)blogs, your links are in fact useless unless you type them in with html. it's because Blogger is set on NoFollow in the beginning, your links aren't transmitted to google. people would have to c/p your link-address to get were you suggested, and most aren't that curious. so you don't get backlinks and can't improve your rankings in search engines.

so from now on, be sure that your links will work on this blog and you can get backlinks to your blog.
but this only makes sense if all of us do this to support one another.

make your blog a doFollow-blog! it's very easy:
Design -> edit HTML -> klick on "Expand Widget Templates" (right side above html window) -> search (Ctrl/Strg/Apple-key + F) 'nofollow' and then delete the part: rel='nofollow' 3 times out of the html text -> Save Template

thanks to Jabelchen for starting this great campaign! you can win a 15€ gift certificate for amazon on her site if you take part in this campaign, but for the most, you can support your readers and encourage them to comment more often on your posts.
also encourage your fellow bloggers to make their blogs into a DoFollow-Blog, so it's a win-win-situation for all of us!
i would also be very happy if you'd backlink to my post or send me the link to your post if you take part and use the english version.


  1. Danke schön! Habe es gleich mal geändert!
    LG Meilu

  2. Great idea, I actually wasn't aware of the reason why some blogs' URLs were clickable and others weren't. I don't have blogspot, so URLs in my comments are clickable already, but they're still in black font... gotta change that XD


  3. Ich bin auch do-follow, wir werden mehr... :-)

    Ein Award für Dich und Deinen schönen Blog:


  4. Huhu, vielen Dank für deine Teilnahme und es hat geklappt: du bist dofollow. Die Links in den Kommentaren bleiben auch nofollow, da man sonst zugespamt wird :) Dofollow wird das, was vor dem "said" steht. Liebe Grüße

  5. Help, where am I going wrong? I have been trying to make my site a do follow, and have already done the suggestions you indicate to make it a do follow site, however, when I check the source on my blog (even after an F5 refresh)there is always a rel = nofollow after all the comments. Blogger seems to reset it back to rel = nofollow after I have saved my revised template. If you look at the source html on your own blog, you have the same rel = nofollow after each of the comments. (Does this not make it a no follow blog?). What am I getting wrong??? Kind Regards Paul, from West Bridgford

  6. Hi,

    This is a great post. I have been going wrong on my cheapmakeupblog with this for a while. I am in the middle of getting my blog re-designed so have mentioned to my web designer to change to a dofollow site. Good post xx


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