Jan 15, 2011

Ombres Perlées de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette - daylight swatches + DUPES!

finally today i could make some daytime-swatches of the Ombres Perlées de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette, and i dug out some dupes for all of you who couldn't get the palette or were not willing to pay 55€ for it.

now to the dupes/comparison swatches!

this would be my "dupe palette":

MAC Retrospeck - Yves Rocher Nacres roses - Barry M Dazzle Dust #89 Oyster Grey - MAC Smoke&Diamonds - MAC Knight Divine

i don't have any (good) dupe for the lightest shade - i tend not to buy very light shimmery shades too often, and it's not comparable to MAC Brulé, Retrospeck and other light shades, NARS' Tokyo etc. and other brands i own.

for the second shade:

 i compared it to MAC All That Glitters, Yves Rocher Nacres roses, NARS Nepal
MAC All That Glitters - CHANEL - Yves Rocher Nacres roses - NARS Nepal
i think the loose eyeshadow from Yves Rocher would be a perfect dupe! the peachy-pink shade has the same colour and metallic finish as the Chanel shadow (although that doesn't show on the pic). the other shades are too peach and not metallic-y enough.

for the middle shade:

the only and best dupe for it is the Barry M Dazzle Dust in #89 Oyster Grey. the pink flash is the same, only the Chanel one is a little bit more glittery. i even like the cheaper one better.
Chanel on the left, Barry M #89 Oyster Grey on the right

for the fourth shade:

i compared the greenish grey to MAC Greensmoke and MAC Smoke&Diamonds. the Chanel one  is very similar to Smoke&Diamonds, only a mini hint more green.

the last shade:

it got compared to a bunch of dark greys in my collection - but no good dupe found :( they all have different undertones or a different shimmer.
MAC Knight Divine - Yves Rocher Dragée d'Argent - Rival de Loop loose eyeshadow - Guerlain L'instant d'une Émotion - Manhattan #101E
from left to right: MAC - Yves Rocher - CHANEL - Rival de Loop - Guerlain - Manhattan
 i hope it was helpful for you!


  1. oh, das ist wundervoll!
    d.h. die interessantesten farben kann ich mit barry m und dem wundervollen smoke&diamonds (sollte ich ihn nun endlich in der travel kit variante ergattern können) dupen.
    vielen dank! :)

  2. ich mochte eh nur die 3 dunkleren farben und von allen 3 hab ich die dupes LOL

  3. Großartiger Post! Ich finde auch nur die drei Töne rechts gut, vielleicht kann ich sie mir nun gut dupen. Großartig, danke!

  4. Loved this post! I was searching for a dupe of the dark green shade of this quad.Danke! Schön Blog!



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