Jan 23, 2011

Zuneta haul overview

i received my zuneta.com order few days ago. as always, shipping via registered mail was very fast - i ordered on saturday evening (15th) and it came in on thursday (20th).
my order consisted of 3 items: the Hourglass eyeshadow duo and the Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow i wanted for ages, and spontaneously a Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow brush hopped into my shopping cart to get over 65£ (yay free shipping!).
the packaging is very nice. it is always a joy to unpack it, i feel like receiving a gift then. i got a sample from Oskia's day cream with it.

i'll do separate posts about the products later, in fact this is only to praise zuneta.com. great shop. great brands. try it!

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  1. Wow awesome packaging! I've always wanted to have one of the hourglass duos, so I'm really curious how you like it!


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