Jul 29, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Periwinkle Cardinal.

i literally seem to be in a blue state of mind lately! but this is the last one for the time being :)

in need of a new Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow in my life, this time i went for Periwinkle Cardinal. this one i ordered back in February on zuneta.com, it contains 2.4g and costs £22/28€/34$.
as perfectly described by Rouge Bunny Rouge themselves, Periwinkle Cardinal is an "iridescent, pale silver moss green, with a hint of golden highlights". 
on my lids, it's a pale seafoam green that doesn't look unmodern at all (or did i come to terms with it?). it has a muted tinge, a bit of grey mixed in which makes the light colour incredibly easy to wear, i love to pair it with all sorts of eye makeup looks these days. 
the texture is excellent just as i'm used to from Rouge Bunny Rouge, it's silky and creamy smooth - not too soft though, of the kind where you would pick up too much product from one swipe. compared to my other RBR eyeshadows (Delicate Hummingbird, Solstice Halcyon, Mysterious Tinamou, Bejewelled Skylark, Abyssinian Catbird, A Major/fis Minor), this one starts off rather sheer and is buildable to higher opacity. it's more the beautiful sheer shimmer that i love with this shade, a complex iridescence that plays with its colour in different perspectives so it looks lovely layered over darker shades to enhance this effect but also worn alone. it applies evenly and blends without effort, i haven't noticed any fall outs and can't complain about the wearing time either. 

the only logical consequence that appears to me is that i need to get more shades of these!


look #1

for this rather dramatic eye make up look i used Rouge Bunny Rouge Mysterious Tinamou as main colour and blended Periwinkle Cardinal onto the edges. a bit of Burberry Pale Barley was used to warm up the look and blend the blues into my skintone. then some dark green eyeliner (i think it was the Essence I Love NYC gel liner, but it could've also been Max Factor Metallic Turquoise)
on the lower waterline i applied Le Métier de Beauté eyeshadow in Spicy as a very warm toned contrast.

look #2

coveting the beautiful Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Rivière (on Indigo Kir Royale or Drivel about Frivol) that is available everywhere except Europe, i thought i had found a possible dupe in L'Oreal's Color Infallible in Innocent Turquoise, but as i was using Periwinkle Cardinal again to shoot eye makeup photos for the review, i realized this might be a much better dupe. what do you think?

my second look is clearly a copy of the one Kate, the (genius ;) ) Driveller created with Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre in Rivière HERE (but hers looks slightly smokier).
i applied Periwinkle Cardinal all over the lid and lower lashline, then added some Max Factor Metallic Lilac, a semi opaque black liquid liner with pink& purple sparkles. i dabbed MAC Parfait Amour over it to make it a lighter purple, it turned out too metallic for my liking but you work with what you got, eh? on the lower waterline i had some purple P2 kajal.

btw how do you like the bigger full face shots? i worry if they'd be too obnoxious, should i go smaller (like in my previous post) again?

Jul 25, 2012

Catrice Coolibri Eye Shadow Pens.

recently i picked up two Eyeshadow Pens from Catrice's limited edition called Coolibri (and in a way i wanted to get something from that collection as a pun on this blog ;) ). i bought the vibrant jade green called C03 Virgin Forest and an azure blue called C02 Birds Flying High ( - you know how i feel. sun in the sky - you know how i feeheeheel ... ^^ ).
i mostly wanted to try those bright shades as eyeshadow bases and thought those could be affordable alternatives for Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Turquoise (which is LE for this summer - you can find an excellent review on The Non-Blonde).
they contain 1.64g each and cost something about 3.50€(??). i don't even know if this collection is still available but anyways, i wanted to show you how they swatch and some eye make ups i came up with them.
they are quite creamy and don't set to a smudge-proof finish as quickly as other cream shadows, it bugs me a bit since i'd have to wait before i blend other powder eyeshadows over them. they apply vibrantly with a shimmery finish and are quite easy to blend (i use a MAC 217 or anything with a similar shape), however the result is slightly blotchy. as colourful eyeshadow bases they are convenient and work nicely, though.

C03 Virgin Forest - C02 Birds Flying High


C03 Virgin Forest

for the following eye makeup i mainly used a dark green shadow over it (from Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quad #201 Malachite).

C02 Birds Flying High

for this eye makeup i applied MAC Parfait Amour over the blue base, added MAC Contrast on the outer corner, MAC Vex in the inner corners and to blend out Parfait Amour. Rouge Bunny Rouge Periwinkle Cardinal was on my lower lashline. on the lower waterline i was wearing a purple P2 eyeliner.

Jul 24, 2012

Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quad #201.


since late summer last year i own my Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quads, but never came 'round to introduce them to you (mainly because i was displeased with how my eyeshadow pics turned out). but this time i'm determined and finally redid the eyeshadow looks to have presentable material.
somehow i was tempted to try this super-prestige-line by Shiseido. you might have heard of their popular concealer (which i also purchased in the mean time and will review soon - if i get the right photos ;)) or loose powder (which still is on my wish list), but the colour make up is not often talked about. the Clé de Peau Beauté Cheek Color Duo #4 however, i have already showcased last year.

you can find Clé de Peau Beauté products at Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Neimann Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks. i had the help of my friend Maureen from the US who ordered these products for me.
since 55$ for the refill-version of the Eye Color Quads were already enough for me, i was too cheesy to spend another 25$ on the separately available compact. luckily my refills of two Eye Color Quads and the Cheek Color Duo fit (almost) perfectly into my old&cheap Artdeco Magnum Palette (saved me 130$ compact-costs!).

now on to the actual product:  Eye Color Quad in #201, also called Malachite.

the little refill contains 4 eyeshadow colours with different pan sizes, you'd get a total amount of 5g.
a lovely design with the brand logo is placed as shimmery mauve-purple overspray on the surface of the eyeshadows - it will certainly fade with the first usage, though, and doesn't add much to the colours.

  • there is a palest pink with pink duochrome shimmer and sparse crystal flecks,
  • a very shimmery cool toned golden taupe with lots of pale gold shimmer and crystal flecks,
  • a dark teal green with forest green pearl and golden flecks
  • and lastly a satin taupey grey with beautiful pink duochrome sheen.

these eyeshadows feel incredibly luxurious, i have never touched a texture as fine, silky and lightweight before. all shades are sheer but buildable.
many don't like japanese eyeshadow formulas since they contain lots of chunky glitter particles, and i have to admit that i also was uncertain whether i could like the Clé de Peau eyeshadows after initially swatching them. yes, they are silky and the colours beautiful, but they also seemed to be overly shimmery with large glitter bits (namely the first 3 shades).
but the more i used them and the closer i looked, i grew to like them more and more. i can assure you that what seems like chunky glitter is in fact much more beautiful reflecting crystal flecks that will adhere nicely to the lids and won't fall off after blending or over the course of the day. surely the shimmery effect is something for going out rather than the office.
these eyeshadows apply evenly and blend nicely, as beforementioned without glittery fall outs. over a primer or coloured base, they last vibrantly all day without fading or creasing. dipping a damp brush into the green shade to use it wet as a liner worked very well and didn't change the texture of the eyeshadow in the slightest.
my only complaint with this quad is its layout. especially the duochrome murky grey/pink colour on the right (but also the green shade) houses in a pan much too small to be reached with a normal eyeshadow brush. if it's a dark liner colour, i could understand the division, but this is such a lovely lid shade!


i find this quad to be very comparable to Chanel's Les 4 Ombres in #32 Lilium which was released as part of their summer collection 2011. the idea is the same, only the grey/pink duochrome is missing and exchanged for a pale lime green in the Chanel palette. both are beautiful, you don't need both. overall, i prefer the Clé de Peau palette for its drastically superior texture especially since i only have the non-US version of the Chanel palette with the baked shadows. the taupe in the Chanel quad is prettier, though ;)

compared to some similar MAC shadows: 
Vex is totally different from the white pink of the CdP quad, it's darker, more shimmery and translucent.
MAC Humid is more opaque and a bit lighter than the green in the CdP palette and it contains much more yellow.
Shale lacks the strong pink duochrome and is basically a different colour than the grey/pink duochrome in the Malachite palette, it's a taupey purple (which looks much too red-toned on my swatch).

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in #32 Lilium - Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quad #201 - MAC Vex - MAC Humid - MAC Shale

pale pink, taupe and forest green from Chanel Lilium palette - CdP Eye Color Quad #201 - Vex - Humid - Shale


daytime look

this is how i would wear this palette on a day-to-day basis. the duochrome grey/pink on the whole lid (sadly it doesn't work well with my NARS Pro Prime Eye Shadow Primer and won't show its gorgeous duochrome sheen here), the shimmery sand as a brightening eye-opener on the lower lashline, a bit of the pale pink in the inner corners (this looks very light but actually merges with my skin quite naturally) and as a twist of colour, the dark green used wet as a thick winged liner.

nighttime/holiday look

here i went full-on with this palette, even used a vibrant turquoise/green cream shadow as a base colour on the lid and lower lashline to play up the blue shimmer in the green eyeshadow of the CdP quad. i blended the shimmery sand shade over the edges of the green and added some whitish pink on the inner corners. MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide Liner on the outer half of the lower waterline, winged black liquid liner.
for a less summery, more sultry green eye, i'd go for a black cream shadow as base shade.

please also check The Non-Blonde for a different opinion on the same palette and Messy Wands, where Xiao reviews the Eye Color Quad in #202 Kyanite.

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