Nov 30, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Crème Fresh Tints!

when the Le Métier de Beauté Crème Fresh Tints popped up quite frequently on my dashboard few months ago, i was totally intrigued and ordered them through my friend Maureen to try. these are creams that can be used on the cheeks as cream blush or on the lips as a stain.
as Le Métier "only" offers 5 different shades and at 28$ i think they're quite reasonably priced, i ordered all of them at once plus their infamous Radiance Powder Rouge in Echo. i'm not a friend of trying only tiny bits...
the cream blushes contain 5g each and come in little screwing pots of rubberized plastic. the powder blush costs 30$ and contains 3.8g. it comes in the same small mirrored compact like the single shadows by LMdB.
to tease you a bit, today i will only show you comparison swatches of the cream blush shades, i'm gonna publish in depth reviews of each Crème Fresh Tint and the powder blusher later on and link them back to this one as an overview post.

EDIT 06.05.2012: now also offers Le Métier de Beauté! you neeeed to try their eyeshadows and cream blushes at least!

i have to admit it was very nice to look at them altogether, so i went a bit photo-crazy ;)

in the cream blush round, from top clockwise: Mystique, Tenné, Poppy/Coquelicot, Ginger Lily, Coral Nymph + Echo Radiance Powder Rouge
here you can see: Poppy/Coquelicot, Tenné, Mystique, Ginger Lily & Coral Nymph.
with flashlight

Nov 26, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow #1- Blast of Blue.

hello everyone :) i'm such a bad blogger lately, didn't upload one post in a whole week what's quite a gap on here! no excuses, just didn't felt the blogging-mojo touching me.
still, i was diligent and shot few GB's of photos for upcoming posts (holy lord, there are over 90 products and posts i still need to feature!).

so let's start with one recent purchase: the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow in #1 - Blast of Blue. man, i wanted this thing since forever and a year! this particular shade wasn't available in germany when GA launched this line of eyeshadows and i bought it on ebay about a year ago, overpriced at 50$ (with shipping) as i wanted it really badly. i waited for months but it didn't arrived. it got lost in the mail, i couldn't get my money back and just wanted to forget about it in bitterness.
then started to list it as "soon available" and i got hooked again. the moment it came in stock, i ordered it.
well, it normally costs 29.95€ and you can't use 5€-off-coupons with it which are 30€+, but if you add something really really tiny, like a Artdeco spatula for .75¢, you can still get a bigger discount than just using a 10%-off-code (just an FYI for fellow german ;) ). but with that ~26€ i paid for this little sucker plus my lost 50$, it makes this my most expensive single eyeshadow until now at almost 65€ -.-, then it has to be good, right?
#1 Blast of Blue is just one more shade in my little collection of GA ETK eyeshadows (see reviews for #3 here, #4 here, #6 here, #9 here and #2 is coming soon ;) ), i knew what i was expecting and i only thought the best of these.
the ETK Silk Eyeshadows are of this semi-pressed, crumbly looking kind that feel so fine to touch that it's almost creamy. it comes in a nice little glass pot with a plastic insert to protect the product.
#1 is a mix of royal blue and cool toned gold pigment crumbles, it mixes together to a blueish silver colour with complex glimmer and sparkles. the gold is quite dominant and so the final colour is less blue than i expected. it's not that dark, and if you are a fan of metallic, shiny and shimmery eyeshadows (like me), you can surely pull it off in daytime looks.
it has the same superfine metallic texture like the other shades i've tried, applies with medium pigmentation and blends out nicely without fall outs. the one thing i love the most with these ETK eyeshadows is their absolutely fabulous staying power on my oily lids, even without a primer they last on me as long as i want to without creasing or fading.
i like to use this shade on it's own when i'm in the mood for a tiny bit of colour and combined with black shadow (like Myrifique from Chanel or Giorgio Armani ETK Eyeshadow #2) when i want super-drama. sadly the complex glimmers are hard to capture, so you only get a hint of it on my photos.

in flashlight
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow in #1 swatched in sunlight (1+2) and with flash (3+4)


just applied the GA ETK eyeshadow in #1 all over the lid and the lower lashline and added black liquid liner.

in flashlight:


GA ETK Eyeshadows #3 - #1 - #4
GA ETK Eyeshadows #3 - #1 - #4 in late sunlight
GA ETK Eyeshadows #3 - #1 - #4 in flashlight

i thought they'd be more similar, but actually they're quite different! #3 is definitely more purple and compared to #4 which looks like a true silver on mauve base, #1 is quite golden.

Nov 20, 2011

Guerlain holiday 2011: Météorites Perles de Nuit.

today i finally want to review the Guerlain Météorites Perles de Nuit from Guerlain's holiday collection 2011. seeing the preview pictures for this look, the new Météorites was the item i mostly anticipated.
i ordered them right when they became available on about a month ago, they cost about 44.90€ and are probably still available at many counters although they've sold out in a few online shops. like the regular version, this contains 30g of product, which is quite a good value for your money.
the packaging is beautiful and really showcase-worthy on your dressing table, it's similar in design to the regular container, but coloured in rich peacock blue with black enamel design in the middle of the lid.
the inside is of black plastic. it comes with an aweful black latex sponge which is a big turn-off for me. where are the velvet poufs? well, they weren't of high quality or even useful, but definitely nicer to touch and to look at than these nasty sponges.

with some codes i could grab a few nice goodies!
it comes in a box with black & turquoise zebra design inside

these Météorites have a peachy colour harmony, consisting of 5 different coloured pearls:
  • a pearly golden tan/beige and a pearly white to enhance luminosity and add a nicely balanced glow
  • a matte pink to brighten the complexion and make it appear youthful
  • a matte peach to make your face look fresh and healthy
  • a silver pearl of tiny glitter bits: well, i always remove these from my container whenever i use it.
together this is a soft peachy pink powder with pearl shimmer and tiny silver glitter bits (you can avoid these when you remove the silver pearls beforehand). i would use a softer brush (for example my Lunasol Powder Brush N (review) or my SUQQU Face Brush) than my Le Métier de Beauté Powder Brush (review) that i normally use to apply Guerlain's Météorites since i find that the finish of the Perles de Nuit is much glowier than of the regular version so i like to apply it more sheerly.
it adds some healthy brightness to my complexion and a beautiful glow. it has a strong soft-focus effect, even more than the regular version. my skin looks soft and even, unevenness and large pores are less obvious. these glowy Meteorites don't have that nice oil-control quality like the regular version, at least i get shiny a earlier with these than with the regular shades after about 5-6 hours.
i like to wear it sheerly all over the face, but if i'm in the mood for, i also use a smaller brush to add a bit more to my highlight-areas.
the pearls are scented of violets like the permanent Météorites, i'm not a fan of that scent (reminds me of eldery women) but i am used to it by now.

compared to the Météorites in #2 Teint Beige (review) which is the most similar (in my stash) to these colour-wise, the Perles de Nuit are more shimmery and have a more intense soft focus effect and create a pearly glow instead of the velvety satin-matte finish of the Teint Beige.

only slightly blended


only foundation - with Guerlain Perles de Nuit

with Perles de Nuit - full make up


Cargo Polynesia.

let's get on with the Cargo Blush series!
Cargo Polynesia is a mauvey rose toned blush with silver and gold shimmer particles. it has a fine texture and rather sheer pigmentation and is a quite subtle colour suited for everyday wear. it adds a fine glow to my cheeks and looks good with a shimmery warm brown smokey eye.
it's easy to apply and lasts about 5-6 hours on me which is an average time.
it seems like Polynesia is a discontinued shade, i stumbled upon this one on ebay and could buy it at a really good price.
it comes in the regular Cargo tin and contains 8.9g.

click here to see more Cargo blushes.

Cargo Polynesia in sunlight: swached heavily & blended out


without blusher - with Cargo Polynesia


Cargo Polynesia - MAC Gentle
Cargo Polynesia - MAC Gentle

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