Nov 7, 2011

Cargo Louisiana.

Cargo Louisiana seemed to be a beautiful colour from all the descriptions and amazing reviews i've found in the world wide web, i ordered it and i was brought back down to earth - the colour is fantastic, a muted rose-beige, but the shimmer is unforgivable. it's really, really frosty. the texture is very fine, it's blendable and all that. but i can't get over the frostiness of this blush. it's too dark for me to use as a highlighter, but even for that purpose it would be much too shimmery/frosty. it's almost a metallic, greasy looking white frost that emphasizes on each skin unevenness and makes it look thick and oil-slick, so it appears quite muddy on me. somehow it reminded me of Guerlain's Terra Inca, but it's rosier. i have sold Terra Inca away because it was so frosty, and that's exactly what i have done with Louisiana.
i have ordered this particular shade from Maureen, it comes in the usual silver tin and contains 8.9g. it did cost 26$. for more reviews of Cargo blushes, check this post please.

Cargo Louisiana in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


no blush - with Cargo Louisiana
see how it emphasizes each and every bump on my skin..


Cargo Louisiana - MAC MSF in Blonde
Cargo Louisiana - MAC MSF in Blonde (light side)
it's quite similar to MAC's MSF in Blonde (which i also don't own anymore), but is even more shimmery than the MSF.


  1. It's a shame the product emphasizes what you don't want emphasized. It looks like a pretty color in the pan. Same with the MAC blonde.

  2. I don´t like any frosty finish either -- no matter if lipstick, eyeshadow or blush. What a pity with Louisiana: color is beautiful! It could be such a nice blush, but if skin isn´t perfect (mine isn´t), you will see every single pore or other imperfection :-(

  3. think it works well as a light highlighter? ive always wondered what cargo blushes are like, and i think your review is helpful in shedding some light to the topic :D

  4. I agree with Kumiko. I think that darker skinned girls could really use this a as highlighter.

  5. Wow it looks amazing! very very gorgeous! thanks for sharing

  6. @kumiko mae: unfortunately it's too dark to use as a highlighter on me...


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