Nov 15, 2011

Giorgio Armani Master Corrector #2.

today i want to show you my most recent favourite when it comes to concealing under-eye circles: the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in #2. i have heard of its great reputation many many times, but never considered my under-eye circles to be so bad that i'd have to use colour correction to fight them.
recently, maybe due to less sleep, more stress and lighter skin (i'm about NC20 in MAC atm), my dark circles became more visible and it really annoyed me since they made me look quite gloomy. i bought this colour corrector back when the Glamour Shopping Week was going on.
there are 2 different colours you can choose from, #1 is a pink shade and #2 is a peach colour. i went for the peachy shade since i was afraid that the pink would be too visible against my yellowish skintone.
the corrector comes in a lipgloss-like clear tube, but the most special thing about its packaging surely is the unusual, super thin brush applicator that rather reminds you of an eyeliner brush. but it's a great way to deposit the exact amount of product onto a targeted area and pat in in gently with your ring finger. furthermore, this product is highly pigmented, so you only need a teeny tiny amount and a bigger applicator would be rather counterproductive. it costs 29.95€ and contains 4.4ml, which isn't much compared to other concealers but regarding how little i need for each application, i suppose it to last a loooong time.

the thin applicator brush
one sweep & blended out

the colour initially scared me a bit, i thought that it might be too dark, so maybe too visible even after blending out. but the first time trying it disabused me. unlike other (drugstore) colour correctors i've tried before which where too pastel, this colour (which might seem scaringly bright on the first sight) has a very natural undertone. after patting the product in, it melted seamlessly with the rest of my skin and instantly erased the purple/brown darkness of my under-eyes.
i apply it before or after my foundation, a thin line right where the darkness is worst and then pat it in with my ring fingers.
it has a liquidy consistency but is high in pigmentation like i mentioned earlier. it's still very smooth and easy to blend without being chalky at all. it has a beautiful natural finish and moisturises my under-eyes well, i wouldn't use a much too rich eye cream underneath, though.
it blends into my skin so well that i don't even need to use a skin-toned concealer on top on a normal day. the best part is that it's such thin of a layer on your skin that there's nothing to crease or to settle into fine lines, the pigmentation doesn't fade so it stays put the whole day.

so overall i'm very pleased with this colour corrector, it works exceptionally well to counteract my dark circles - better than every other concealer in my stash because those skin toned ones (at least mine) all have a somewhat yellow undertone and while they could handle slight under-eye darkness well, they would make darker cirles appear greenish/greyish. if you suffer from medium to slightly darker under-eye darkness, you should really give this a go!
it's really worth its hype.

here you can see how it works and how i'd apply it:

 bare skin - a thin line of GA Master Corrector #2 applied

 after patting in the GA Master Corrector #2 with my ring finger - after foundation application

a tiny bit of normal concealer on top if needed - final result


  1. das ergebnis sieht schon gut aus - ich bin aber der meinung, wenn der concealer gut genug ist brauchts keinen corrector. und ich hab den besten concealer für mich gefunden :)

  2. it´s so tiny the tip! thanks for sharing the info, take care,

  3. Looks like it works well. I am currently using Amazing Cosmetics concealer. The tube is on the expensive side ($30ish) but it lasts forever. I'd really like to try another concealer but I'm determined to finish it. Lol

  4. hi there, I am thinking of buying a new foundation and just went through all your foundation posts - would like to know which one of these do you like the most - lancome teint miracle, guerlain lingerie de peau, chantecaille future skin foundation or burberry sheer foundation? I am looking for a lightweight foundation that looks like real skin, have dry-combo skin, thank you so much!!

  5. I love this stuff. It really, really helps with my scarily black dark circles!

  6. @luluemerald: she's probably not the one to tell you, since she said her skin was on the rather oily side and a foundations performance depends a LOT on your skin condition.

    @Keto: I've read Lus review on this one and i was interested... but now i've read yours and i'm intrigued, to say the least.
    it's great to know your under eye circles are rather brown like mine.
    -- hahaha it's actually not great, but you know what i mean. :-)

    how did you like the bobbi brown corrector? any experience with it? if so, what's your shade?

  7. @luluemerald: i can only speak for myself, but if you want less coverage, the Chantecaille is great. for more coverage, i'd say go for Lancôme. the Lingerie de Peau can sometimes emphasize on dry, flaky areas and the Burberry is not very lightweight in my opinion.

    @alexens: i haven't tried the BB corrector yet. i've heard good things about it but never got matched. the formula has been changed recently, and i heard that many people, who loved it before don't like it anymore beause it now creases on them... well, i'm not a big BB fan either (from many not so good experiences), so i rather pass.

  8. @caro: welcher ist es denn? ich habe bisher keinen genügend deckenden concealer gefunden der auch noch supernatürlich ausschaut.

  9. What's the "normal concealer" you're using on top of the GAMC#2?

  10. Never mind -- I think I've figured it out. Is it the Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer?


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