Sep 6, 2012

i lost all my photos :(

sorry for not posting as regularly but last week i basically lost all my photos. an update of iPhoto (which i use to organize all my pics) for the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion has absolutely messed up my complete photo library, containing almost 14 000 images. as my last back up was wayyyy too long ago  - yeah, that Time Machine program is f*cked up, too - i don't really get my work back if i restore the system. at least i know that my precious private photographs are not gone, which is always my biggest fear when shit like this happens. the pics are somewhere all over the place on the hard drive, just not where they're supposed to be and so complicated to access that i am just too exasperated to deal with it. i'm actually quite pissed with my computer and keep neglecting it. i had prepared material for over 50 blog posts, but am just too annoyed to get it back together at the moment. i hope i can shoot new stuff this weekend, i'm just sick of thinking about all the lost work. ARGH!!!

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