Nov 5, 2011

Cargo Siena.

as my MAC Blush series is over i want to start showing you the rest of my Cargo blushes to complete that installment - see an overview here or on the sidebar.
Cargo blushes are quite hard to get from germany, on ebay there are only few but you can order them online at, that's where i got most of mine. i ordered 3 more when i noticed that they offer some new shades, amongst them Siena.
the blushes come in the by now familiar silver tin, they contain 8.9g and cost 15£/18.10€.
Siena is a warm muted red/coral shade, almost with terracotta tinge. it's almost completely matte but contains some very fine light reflective particles. the texture of this is heavenly smooth and fine, almost creamy to the touch. it's well pigmented so needs a light hand and soft brush to apply. it applies absolutely evenly and blends out so easily. i think it looks very flattering on my skintone, like a pinky coral flush that sculpts the cheeks nicely. the matte texture is really soft and allows the colour to melt into my skin, making it look even and refined.
colourwise it looks very similar to NARS Amour, but is a bit brighter, less muted than Amour and has an even better texture. you probably don't need both and if i had to, i'd choose Siena.

Cargo Siena in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blush - with Cargo Siena


NARS Gilda - Cargo Siena - NARS Amour - Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline
NARS Gilda - Cargo Siena - NARS Amour - Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline


  1. It looks so different in the pan from Amour, but they definitely swatch almost the same. Interesting, may have to look further into Cargo blushes.

  2. You skin on that pictures is looking really really great. No enlarged pores or any visible scaring, just smooth skin...
    What did you do, to transform it so drastically? I want your secret:)

  3. thank you everybody!

    @anonymous: i wore Jemma Kidd's Light As Air Foundation and Guerlain Météorites Pearls in #2 on that day, you can find reviews for both products on my blog.
    for the skincare issue, eventually it's down to diet, but i have just recently written about it, you might want to take a look at it here:


  4. Looks very pretty! :) Pretty much like NARS Amour. :D


  5. I might have to check out Cargo's blushes next time I go shopping. You have a lot of pretty colors in your collection.

  6. So eine hübsche Nuance, steht dir ganz ausgezeichnet! :)

  7. OMG, it's just gorgeous!!! I'm adding it to my wish-list right now :)

  8. I looks amazing!!! thanks for sharing!

  9. You have single-handedly turned me into a blush girl! I will definitely check this out the next time I go downtown. I'm a lucky girl -- in Canada so I have access to Cargo.

    I was wondering if you have ever had the pleasure of trying the Rock & Republic blushes. I discovered them online a couple of months ago and have been craving them to no end.

  10. (oops. I hit "post comment" prematurely.)
    I wonder if you or any of your readers know if there's a quality/longevity/application difference between Cargo and Rock & Republic blushes.

  11. siena is WAY pretty :) i want to own some cargo blushes, they are all so lovely

  12. I was thinking of buying Amour but I have yet to buy a Cargo blush so this might be a good start!


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