Jan 7, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Crème Fresh Tint in Ginger Lily.

today i finally want to start my review-series of the Crème Fresh Tints by Le Métier de Beauté. you might remember my introduction post with general information and comparison swatches of them all, i will put that post into the sidebar as navigation help.

Ginger Lily is the most universally flattering colour in the range, it's a muted rosy-peach without shimmer.
now let's talk about the texture of these Crème Fresh Tints, they claim to not contain any parabens or silicones and the texture is quite different to the rather siliconey cream blushes i've tried so far (Giorgio Armani, TopShop, YSL), it's most comparable to the Miracle Touch Cream Blushes by Max Factor.
it's a quite greasy texture with creamy consistency, like soft lip balm in the pot. i was afraid that the texture would not work on my oily skin, but to my surprise the cream blush doesn't remain oily once blended out on the skin, only leaving a dewy sheen plus a lightweight but nourishing layer. touching the cheeks feels like soft skin but not oily or sticky at all.
the pigment of this is very fine and nicely blendable. it melts into my skintone seamlessly just like a stain and creates an even result. i also noticed that it's not slipping off my face at all, the stain-like quality keeps the colour on the whole day.
the colour is semi-sheer and creates a very subtle hint of pink on my cheeks with a healthy radiance. i would use my Hakuhodo G5552 Brush with it. to finish up the make up, i would powder on the rest of the face but leave out the cheek area to keep the original finish
i think this shade looks best on fair skin (up to MAC NC30) since the sheered out colour would be too light for deeper skintones and concentrated colour would end up with a greasy finish. i'm surprised how well it holds up on my oily skin and i think it would be great for dry skin types, too.
this is not the kind of cream blush i would suggest using as a base colour for powder blusher since it works with the soft sheen. also, powders could become blotchy on these. they can surely be mixed, layered and combined with each other though. Ginger Lily looks nice on the apples of the cheeks combined with Tenné on the back of the cheeks.
dabbed onto my rather pigmented lips, it becomes a pale nude shade that i would wear with a dramatic eye makeup otherwise it washes me out.

these Crème Fresh Tints are quite a nice deal with 5g content for 28$ based on the average price level of the brand. Le Métier de Beauté is not available in germany (yet?) and i ordered my LMdB products through my friend Maureen from the US (Neimann Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom).

Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tint in Ginger Lily in natural light: swatched heavily & blended out
Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tint in Ginger Lily with flashlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blush - with Ginger Lily on cheeks & lips

here is how it looks on the lips

i have no comparable shades in my cream blush collection, so this time no comparison swatches, sorry.


  1. It looks amazing on you, I love the tone, well... I love blushes in general! so great review, thanks for sharing

  2. I like it! both on the lips and cheeks, very natural.

  3. i really love this. this will probably be the first shade i pick up in this line. thanks for sharing!

  4. Aww...I don't think this would show up on my skintone. Such a shame because it looks so wearable!

  5. Beautiful natural colour look, i very very very like that..

  6. I love LMdB creme fresh tints! This looks so good on you! I'm darker so I wonder whether it will show up on me.

  7. incredibly natural gorgeous shade from this luxury brand, YES PLZ

  8. Just discovered your blog, absolutly amazing :)
    Your really beautiful! following u now xoxo


  9. I really covet something from Metier the Beauté for the pure sake it is almost impossible to get in Europe. Liberty used to sell them...so, the ultimate niche to me

  10. i like this color and you look so buty

  11. This looks awesome! I've been reading too many raves about these LMdB Creme Tints. I've got to try it for myself when I go to the US!

  12. very beautiful


  13. This looks gorgeous on you :)

  14. I can't stop loving Le Métier! And you're contributing to this growing addiction! :)

    Hope everything is well,

    P.S. I recently wrote a post on my favorite beauty blogs, and I listed yours, so I figured you might like to check it out: http://mymakeupocd.blogspot.com/2012/01/10-blogs-you-should-check-out.html

    1. thanks so much for your mention, @María! it means a lot to me!!!

  15. I love your blogg, it's just very classy! I'd love if you would check me out and if you have any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.



  16. Hello!
    I have been stalking your blog for some time now. You are my favorite brush reviewer and one of my top 5 blogs. I'm eagerly awaiting your suqqu brush review (the suspense is killing me). Thanks for all your hard work. Please update soon-I'm in withdrawal, lol. :)
    Michelle (U.S.A).

  17. You're such a beautiful girl ! I'm happy that I found your blog, you've posted so many interesting me reviews :) xx

  18. Wow! That looks amazing!!!!!! Your lips look so luscious!

  19. Such a beautiful color!! I also love your smoky eyes! :D

  20. Oh wow! Thats look so pretty and fresh <3

  21. beautiful (:



  22. Mooie kleur !ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin, volg je me terug? xx


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