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Oct 14, 2011

FOTD with Le Métier Corinthian and MAC Deep Truth.

a recent FOTD of me wearing a layering-eyeshadows-look.

for the face i used:

foundation: Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in #2 Light (1) applied with Hakuhodo G5557 (2)

blush: Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in #10 (4 - review) applied with Hakuhodo G5519BkSL (3)

for the eyes i used:

concealer: Edward Bess Platinum Concealer in Soft Beige (9 - review) applied with Hakuhodo 212 Highlight Brush (10 - review)

brows: MAC Copperplate eyeshadow (1) applied with Louise Young LY30 Brow Brush

eye make up: MAC Deep Truth (3) applied on the lid, leave out the inner part, and slightly into the crease with MAC 242 (7), Le Métier de Beauté Corinthian (4 - review) swept over the whole lid and blended up to the crease with IPSA Brush Squirrel M (8 - review).
MAC Retrospeck (6) on the inner corners and MAC Patina (5) on the lower lashline with MAC 242 (7).
L'Oreal Super Liner (11) along the upper lashline to a flick. Shu Uemura curlers (12), Maybelline False Lashes Waterproof (13) as first layer and Shiseido The Perfect Mascara (14 - sample) as top layer.

lips: MAC Lipglass in 2N

eye make up close-ups:

with flash:

Jul 31, 2011

brush weekend II: IPSA Brush 3.

this is the IPSA Brush 3, it's a small face brush with a paddle shape. unlike my other brushes by IPSA this one is made with horse hair instead of squirrel, so it's more on the affordable side with 29.99$. i ordered it on together with the other brushes by this brand.
the horse hair is thick and sleek and has a high flexibility (or "snap") but it's also quite soft.
the shape and size makes it suitable for precise application or spot-application, for example of setting powder for your undereye concealer. it's nice to apply powder on your cheek (to catch eyeshadow fall out) or to flick away excess powder/eyeshadow fall out. i like it most as a highlighting brush to apply the highlighter in feathering strokes on a C area around your eyes/cheek bone. it's also great to use with cream blush since it fits nicely into the smaller pots (YSL Crème de Blush, Maybelline etc.) and the sleek bristles don't tend to absorb the product.
this brush washes well and holds the shape. although i don't think that it's a must have at all, i quite like it as an alternative to my small skunk brushes when it comes to cream blush. these days i'm especially  liking the small face brushes anyway ;)




Paula Dorf Eye Blender Brush - Hakuhodo Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush L - IPSA Brush 3 - MAC 239 (for size comparison)
Paula Dorf Eye Blender Brush - Hakuhodo Kokutan Eyeshadow Brush L - IPSA Brush 3 - MAC 239 (for size comparison)

Jul 3, 2011

brush weekend: IPSA Brush Squirrel M

last for today is the ÍPSA Brush Squirrel M.
i ordered it from, it costs 42.99$.
it's a large eyeshadow brush and has a long filbert shape. it's made of pine squirrel hair which is very soft and smooth. it's fluffier than blue or grey squirrel so it has less flexibility than those hair types. since this brush is made with rather long fibers, the tip of the brush is especially movable so it's very suited to apply a soft and sheer wash of colour all over your lid or brow bone area and blend out that colour with the tip at the same time. it's densely packed so blending is quite easy with this brush. holding it sideways it can also apply deeper crease colours with the tapered fine tip.
it's not made for intense colour application, though.
it washes nicely, keeps the shape and feels great on the delicate skin of your eyelids. the handle is short but well made, it's a glossy lacquered wood handle with a matte black metal ferrule.
this brush is not a multipurpose brush, it's not a must have, but a lovely addition to my collection.




Hakuhodo B532BkSL - Hakuhodo S121G - IPSA Brush Squirrel M - MAC 239
Hakuhodo B532BkSL - Hakuhodo S121G - IPSA Brush Squirrel M - MAC 239

brush weekend: IPSA Brush 2

next i want to show you is the ÍPSA Brush 2.
this is also ordered from and costs 48.99$.
i could only find very few information about this brand on the internet, also the google translator wasn't helpful at all. but these brushes seemed so interesting to me and my trust in japanese brand's brushes is quite high, so i took the risk and ordered them. because the € is rather strong these days, the costs relativate in comparison to the scratchy goat hair brushes you can get on the german market.
the IPSA Brush 2 is a small sized powder brush with a round shape and a domed top. it's made of utterly soft squirrel hair and packed very dense (for example in comparison to my A'Squirrel brushes). it's softer than baby skin but still is fluffy and slightly bouncy. it doesn't shed while usage and also not while washing, it didn't bleed any dye and kept the shape quite well after drying.
it's shape makes this brush ideal to use as a face blending brush, i like to blend in setting/finishing powder, blush, bronzer and powder highlighter with it for a flawless finish. it's so soft that it glides on your skin effortlessly and doesn't interfere with your foundation so tugs the powder particles just into the unevenness of your skin to make it appear smooth and even. of course, the right powders will help it to achieve an airbrushed look. it applies products just as well, i used it for blush, contour and face powder with the same delight.
it's a sturdy and well crafted brush with a thin glossy lacquered handle and a black matte metal ferrule.
one fantastic tool. love it.



A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Angled Blush Brush - IPSA Brush 2 - MAC 109
A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Angled Blush Brush - IPSA Brush 2 - MAC 109

brush weekend: IPSA Brush Squirrel L

here is the ÍPSA Brush Squirrel L. i have never heard of ÍPSA before, also the google translator doesn't help much with exploring the official website so i can't get further information about the brand.
i discovered the brushes on, when i was browsing for RMK brushes.
it costs 82.99$.
i don't know why this brush is so much more expensive than the other brushes, though it is from a special "squirrel" line, but the other brushes from RMK and IPSA which i ordered with it were squirrel hair, too, and even of similar size.
this is a small sized paddle type powder brush which is tapered to a rounded shape and is rather flat. it's just so amazingly, unbelievably soft due to the squirrel hair it is made of. the shape reminds me of my Hakuhodo S111 but not as rounded.
because this brush is densely packed it has a good resistance.
it doesn't bleed dye or shed while washing. it doesn't shed with usage and keeps the shape nicely after washing.
the paddle shape makes it suitable for application of sheer washes of blush colour in swiping/flicking motions, i also like to use it to flick off excess powder or feathering on a thin veil of setting or finishing powder to your skin. the rather thin edge allows it to get into even smaller areas of the face for a precise placement of powder products, so it will also apply powder highlighter very well.
the handles of the IPSA brushes are short as those of RMK, Trish McEvoy, MakeUpShow or Hakuhodo Kokutan. the handle is slim and made of lacquered wood, the ferrule is of matte black metal.
overall, this is a very high quality brush, but i don't think that it should cost so much more than the other brushes i ordered.


post wash


MAC 116 - IPSA Brush Squirrel L - Hakuhodo S111
MAC 116 - IPSA Brush Squirrel L - Hakuhodo S111

Jun 28, 2011

are these the best brushes ever? - and a great great great blog!!

i've been splurging big time on some brushes over the last months. let me warn you that this post won't cover the review for them - it's more like a preview for the next few days.
these are RMK and ÍPSA brushes, japanese brands.
but to tell you about how i discovered them, i have to introduce a blog to you first.

i want to tell you about this fantastic blog i have been reading all the time over the last month:
Ars Aromatica.
i don't know why i just recently discovered this blog although it exists since 2008. Dain, one of the authors of this blog probably is in the top 3 most competent persons that i've came across so far when it comes to ... well, anything beauty-related. reading her blog opened my eyes in many ways, it's like reading in a really good book about beauty.
if you seriously want to know the real basics about make up i strongly recommend you this blog.
i can't say enough good things about Ars Aromatica - it felt to me like when i discovered Lisa Eldrigde on youtube. like you found a gold nugget in the mass of pebbles. her "The Beauty Primer" series simply is genius. period.
for example i have enjoyed her post about make up brushes soo much - the best article i have read about this topic ever.
if you want to follow this blog, you can subscribe to her posts via atom or use the "follow" tag on your blogger navigation bar (i can't find GFC or Bloglovin' on your blog, Dain).

ok, back to the brushes: i came across the RMK brushes and Chikuhodo as a well known japanese brush manufacturer through Dain's post on brushes, i browsed the official website of Chikuhodo a bit and was really tempted to order their top-notch Z-Series brushes. they produce brushes for RMK, Shiseido, Kanebo, SUQQU (which i wanted anyway) and many other high end brands. unfortunately i can't speak or read japanese and the google translator doesn't help much when it comes to search for the contact form to order...
so i thought: well, i could buy some OEM brushes from them to try and since SUQQU is incredibly expensive (about 180£ for the face brush :( - i'll get 'ya someday! i would have bought them if Selfridges London wouldn't charge 56£ only for the shipping and they were sold at a much higher price point on (for example the face brush would be ~300€) - but this is another topic) i went for RMK - the brushes look great on every online pic anyway.
then i found another online store that offers japanese high end brands and most important: these brushes at a reasonable price (about 50$ per brush on an average) - they ship for free on orders over 30$. they have tons of other cool stuff - check out!.
RMK is also sold in the UK, i have often seen their products on popular uk-online shops (but never the brushes -.-) and Wayne Goss (Gossmakeupartist on youtube) had mentioned their products many times.
let me tell you for now that these brushes are serious  - i would rate them on the same level as the luxury brushes by Hakuhodo, maybe slightly above Trish McEvoy, a mile above most brushes by MAC. the japanese know about their artisanry!
prepare for a few brush-posts in the next days ;)

if you have tried them or these brands in general, please leave a comment so we can talk a bit ;)

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