Jul 3, 2011

brush weekend: IPSA Brush Squirrel L

here is the ÍPSA Brush Squirrel L. i have never heard of ÍPSA before, also the google translator doesn't help much with exploring the official website so i can't get further information about the brand.
i discovered the brushes on bonboncosmetics.com, when i was browsing for RMK brushes.
it costs 82.99$.
i don't know why this brush is so much more expensive than the other brushes, though it is from a special "squirrel" line, but the other brushes from RMK and IPSA which i ordered with it were squirrel hair, too, and even of similar size.
this is a small sized paddle type powder brush which is tapered to a rounded shape and is rather flat. it's just so amazingly, unbelievably soft due to the squirrel hair it is made of. the shape reminds me of my Hakuhodo S111 but not as rounded.
because this brush is densely packed it has a good resistance.
it doesn't bleed dye or shed while washing. it doesn't shed with usage and keeps the shape nicely after washing.
the paddle shape makes it suitable for application of sheer washes of blush colour in swiping/flicking motions, i also like to use it to flick off excess powder or feathering on a thin veil of setting or finishing powder to your skin. the rather thin edge allows it to get into even smaller areas of the face for a precise placement of powder products, so it will also apply powder highlighter very well.
the handles of the IPSA brushes are short as those of RMK, Trish McEvoy, MakeUpShow or Hakuhodo Kokutan. the handle is slim and made of lacquered wood, the ferrule is of matte black metal.
overall, this is a very high quality brush, but i don't think that it should cost so much more than the other brushes i ordered.


post wash


MAC 116 - IPSA Brush Squirrel L - Hakuhodo S111
MAC 116 - IPSA Brush Squirrel L - Hakuhodo S111


  1. like your blog , xoxo


  2. Ich liebe deine alle Brushes-Post! So toll...wirklich !

    Vielen Dank für Fascinating und die Proben :)))
    Vollllllll nett! ;)

  3. thank you @beautypink!

    @karo: danke sehr und gern geschehen ;)


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