Jul 2, 2011

brush weekend: RMK Face Powder Brush

we'll start with this beauty: the RMK Face Powder Brush.
RMK is the brand by Rumiko, a well known japanese Make Up Artist who founded her own line in 1997. RMK is known for their foundations and colourful make up range. their brushes are made by Chikuhodo, one of japan's best manufacturers.
i ordered on bonboncosmetics.com, it costs 66.99$.
it came well packaged and sealed. it washed nicely without bleeding dye or shedding and kept the shape after drying.
it's a big fluffy but dense tapered powder brush. it's brush head is full and very very soft. it's made of a blend of grey squirrel hair and mountain goat hair, so it's soo soft but still has a full body, voluminous and bouncy. while pure squirrel hair is utterly soft, it usually lacks resistance and goat hair, the softest it can get, can never feel as silky smooth on you skin although it's flexibility and hair structure is suitable to hold and maneuver powder products. this brush is the perfect blend of both. it feels similar to the Paula Dorf Powder Brush but is totally different in shape.
it's huge head makes this brush perfect for a quick application of face powder or bronzer. it's shape and taper allows you to brush in flicking or circular motions. the shape reminds me of the MAC 150, but since i have sold mine recently, i can't compare other than this is maybe 10000 times softer.
the handle is of highest quality, no sharp edges, not any imperfection. it's quite short (so it feels rather light in your hands), but that seems to be usual with most japanese brushes. although not as convenient to put in and take out of my brush holder, handling is very comfortable and i think the myopic amongst us will definitely appreciate not to smack the mirror with the brush handle everytime doing the make up ;)
the perfect powder brush.

pre wash

post wash

look at the smooth hairs!


RMK Face Powder Brush - Trish McEvoy Bronzer Brush #37 - A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Powder Brush
RMK Face Powder Brush - Trish McEvoy Bronzer Brush #37 - A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Powder Brush


  1. Wow, that was quite expensive :O

  2. Got this brush along with the RMK blush brush, but haven't been using it enough yet, since I'm not using loose powder that often lately. :)


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