May 15, 2011

Trish McEvoy Brushes

today i am finally going to review my few Trish McEvoy brushes i own for almost half a year now. to be true i had some discrepancies with the online shop i ordered so i also lost my sympathy for the brushes and used them only occasionally since then...
but as i know some of you are interested in Trish McEvoy brushes, of course i will review them quality- and function-wise.
i ordered them after watching a video by OogleGail, she loved her Trish brushes and i trust her opinion. i thought i would receive the full length product since i paid full price (and they were really expensive) but instead i received those short handle brushes. thanks to Gail i know that the brush heads don't differ in size and quality between the travel size and full size Trish McEvoy brushes (not like with MAC's Special Edition brushes which are really bad), but still i think they should at least note this so the customer knows what they will get. i definitely prefer full lengths.
in the mean time, i have come to terms with the short handles and can truly appreciate the actual quality of my Trish brushes.
oh, another note: don't ever buy those really affordable Trish McEvoy brushes on ebay, which are priced around 5-10€. they are counterfeit for sure.

Trish McEvoy Bronzer Brush 37

Trish McEvoy brushes are made with clear acrylic handles and silver metal ferrules. the brush is pretty short, not longer than my hand but the ferrule has a good thickness to lay safely in my hands.
this is a round and tapered fluffy brush. it's made of densely packed squirrel hair which is of a nice quality. it's not the slinky and ultra soft type like the blue squirrel hair from Hakuhodo or A'Squirrel but has a bit more texture to it. it's made of a blend of surely 90% natural ending hairs and only about 10% cutted ends so it feels very smooth on my skin and glides effortlessly, which i really appreciate in squirrel hair and is hardly achieved with goat hair (even though white goat hair is much better than dark in those terms).
the brush hair has a great bounce and stiffness to it what makes it different from my other squirrel hair brushes. the shape and size are perfect to apply bronzer in that hollows of your cheeks, temples and around the jawline especially because it remains the shape while application and doesn't spread out too much. the pressure point is ideal to get the perfect amount of product and it applies and blends out the powder easily because it just glides on your skin. the round and slightly tapered shape makes application and blending work in circular motions very easy so i like to use the brush with setting powder. with its tapered tip it can also handle blush application with ease, so i think it's really multi-purpose and a good brush to bring with you when you need light luggage.
it washed well, kept the shape and doesn't shed. only the price point is quite steep at 68$ but in comparison to other high quality brushes i think it's very worth it. when you buy it at a good exchange rate, you can save a lot.

bottom to top: MakeUpShow Powder Brush - MAC 138 - Trish McEvoy 37 - Hakuhodo S103
MakeUpShow Powder Brush - MAC 138 - Trish McEvoy 37 - Hakuhodo S103

Trish McEvoy Sheer Blush Brush 2B

this is a dense and flat paddle type blush brush. it has the clear acrylic handle like the other brushes and a silver ferrule. it's slightly longer than the Bronzer Brush but still is quite short in comparison to other brushes. it's made of soft natural ended squirrel hair, very dense and with a good resistance but still soft and gliding on the skin. the dense bristles grab the powder blushes very well so i tend to use it with sheer blushes like the Guerlain Blush G. because of its shape it is more suitable to apply the product in feathering strokes rather than circular blending motions. although i doubted this would give me an even result i was always pleased with the look it created (but of course, the blush itself is key).  it washes without bleeding or shedding and dries to its original shape. it also doesn't shed while usage.
this brush costs 48$. if you already have a good blush brush, i think you don't need this but i find it's a lovely tool for sheer blushes.

bottom to top: Hakuhodo S111 - Trish McEvoy 2B - MakeUpShow Blush Brush - Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Brush - MAC 116
Hakuhodo S111 - Trish McEvoy 2B - MakeUpShow Blush Brush - Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Brush - MAC 116

Trish McEvoy Blending Brush 48

the Blending Brush is a tiny round and tapered brush, i was suprised how small it was when i received it. it's made of soft squirrel hair, maybe a bit less soft than the other two Trish brushes i own since i feel that it contains minimally more cutted hair. it's similar in shape with the Bronzer Brush but a lot smaller and a bit fluffier. it still has a good pressure point though. it's similar to MAC's 165 in size and shape.
it's really versatile, i use it for precise contour application or to place blush colour right on the apples of my cheeks or the cheek bones, to blend out blushes, bronzer or contour powder, to apply highlighter and even as a tiny setting powder brush for targeted placement (if you are fascinated how the pixiwoo sisters on youtube apply their loose powder with the MAC 225 brush (that's discontinued now) like i am, this is a great alternative ;)).
this brush also washes well without bleeding or shedding and keeps its shape after drying since the bristles have a good bounce.
it's quite expensive at 46$ but on the other hand a very versatile brush. also if you are on the hunt for the limited edition MAC 165 and want to invest in an even better alternative (and not waste your money on inferior dupes), you should consider the Trish McEvoy 48.

Trish McEvoy Blending Brush 48 - MAC 165
Trish McEvoy Blending Brush 48 - MAC 165


  1. I really appreciate the time and length you put into your features. I know that must be time consuming, so thanks! I too have some Trish McEvoy brushes that I love and find to be of high quality.

  2. Oh yay you got them! & Thanks so much for the mention. Yes I now what you mean about short handles but you get used to it. Congrats on getting to 500 readers, wow fast work!!! You definitely deserve it, your blog is brilliant and always SO helpful. I don't own the 2B but everyone says it is exceptional for applying blusher. I feel I have "enough" blusher brushes but am seriously considering. I am using my Louise Young blusher brush to pick up the Rouge G... hmmmm. Xx

  3. @hopelessly devoted to makeup: oh, i get shy ;) i have to thank you for your appreciation and your time stopping by! i just want to share my passion to everyone out there and give some tips or information that maybe is not that easily to be found out.
    which trish brushes can you recommend?

    @gail: thank you so much! it's great that we have the same taste and priorities in brushes, i love to see your vids, esp. about the LY and Trish brushes (have watched them several times ;)). i want to order some LY brushes soon, the fan brush and the super powder brush. i hope i will like them ;)

  4. Thanks for such a detailed review! I always enjoy reading your blog, it's very informative. I just wanted to ask which brush you liked better, the Hakuhodo S111 or Trish Mcevoy 2B? I can't decide which one to get. Which is denser? I'm leaning towards the Trish because of the price...

  5. the Hakuhodo S111 is made with extremely soft blue squirrel hair. it's much softer than the Trish 2B and works different although the shape is quite similar. the Trish is dense, firm and has a high resilience making it ideal to work with sheer and firmly pressed blushes since it can pick up a lot of product.
    the S111 is very soft because of the material, it's also dense but the hair is much thinner and smoother so it's not very resilient, if not to say floppy. it's better suited for a soft wash of colour and handles highly pigmented and bright blushes very well. so according to which colour of blushes you prefer, you should choose.
    these are two completely different blush brushes.
    the s111 got even more expensive after the recent price-increase -.-


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