May 19, 2011

Cargo Beach Blush in Sunset Beach

today is about Cargo Beach Blush in Sunset Beach. this was also part of my order when they had a 10%-off-code.
normally it costs 16£/18.80€ and contains 9g of product.
it comes in the familiar silver tin. the Beach Blushes are bronzer/blush hybrids with 4 stripes of different but harmonious shades which should "work together to provide perfectly flushed cheeks with a sun-drenched glow. Golden Goddess effects in a flash!". from using my Beach Blushes, i can only agree! i really appreciate their refined and never greasy shimmer which gives a great radiant effect and doesn't emphasize too much on uneven skin.
Sunset Beach contains:
  • a warm peachy pink with white shimmer, this has a fine texture and applies quite sheer
  • an orangey bronze with gold shimmer, the shimmer is pretty apparent with this
  • a cool toned candy-pink with gold shimmer and pink sheen, it's quite sheer
  • a peachy gold with gold shimmer and sheen, almost frosty but with very fine shimmer. it's the softest of the 4 stripes but also the most powdery one.
all shades mixed together give a rosey tan shade with really fine shimmer. again with this, you can't concentrate on each colour (but you can use an eyeshadow brush to apply it to your eyes - oh, great idea, i'll have to try!!! would be a great colour coordinated look to use the bronzey shades of the Beach Blushes as eyeshadows.) but you could emphasize on each half with a smaller blush brush to get a more bronzey (first two stripes) or more pinky result (last two stripes). i prefer to swirl them altogether for a subtle warm flush. as i have mentioned few times before, the Beach Blushes have a waxier texture and are less finely milled than the normal blushes (esp. the matte blushes have a great texture), but this doesn't affect application negatively. it applies evenly and blends out easily. it doesn't look too greasy (even not at the end of the day, although i have oily skin) but has a beautiful glowing finish with a sheer but buildable colour effect, while building it up also doesn't make you look like a grease ball, but makes you look more dewy. you know how you can sometimes look very dull right after setting your foundation with powder? putting on a bit of these Beach Blushes will bring life and dimension back to my face instantly, and especially Sunset Beach is a great versatile shade.
so although it's shimmery (and i usually avoid too much shimmer for work), i really love to use it as a pick-me-up these days for a healthy sheen in the early hours. i feel much more summery and awake after my blusher ;)

Cargo Sunset Beach in natural light: each stripe individually + everything mixed (heavy swatch) + everything mixed (blended)

this is how it looks on me:


  1. Wonderful... My god, what an amazing collection you have!! I've taken some notes :P

  2. I am following your blog and like it a lot.I like your choice of colors.Please can you suggest me a single shimmery color which can be worn alone on the lids to make them look brighter.Eye colour is brown and am NC41 skin tone.Eyes are close set and not too big.
    We get Chanel, Estee lauder,Lancome clarins and MAC, and MUFE brands only.I will be grateful if you could help me.Thanks

  3. @papish: thank you! i'm sure you can find something you'll like!

    @archana: thank you a lot! i would love to recommend you a colour, tell me if you like it lighter or a bit smokier?
    i think a shimmery peachy or rosey beige shade with gold shimmers would look great on deeper skin and is very versatile. if you want a bit of colour, try a shimmery muted lavender.
    for example, you could take a look at MUFE aqua creams, #15 is a taupey brown that i think would be great even though i don't own it yet.

  4. Hi, thanks a lot for the suggestion. :)Yes I would love to use the colors you have suggested.

    I always like the way you do your eye makeup.Your blog is a great inspiration.

    Thanks again for the help :)

  5. @archana: you're welcome! please tell me what shade you chose and how you like it later on, ok?


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