May 20, 2011

Cargo Beach Blush in Cable Beach

ahh, this is my 10th and last Cargo Blush to show you (so far, hehehe). it's the Cargo Beach Blush in Cable Beach. again, this is from my latest order with a 10%-off code.
normally these cost 16£/18.80€ and contain 9g of product.
the Cargo Blushes come in this signature silver tin, i like the simple approach.
Beach Blushes are bronzer and blush in one, to give you a glowy summery flush. they contain 4 different colours which should work together to balance out the look. they'll give a sheer wash of colour with golden bronzey sheen.
Cable Beach contains:
  • a deep burgundy/plummy shade with very fine pink shimmer. it has medium pigmentation and looks not so scary once applied.
  • a peachy mauve with beautiful golden shimmer and pink sheen.
  • a shimmery coral rose with gold sheen and shimmer, the softest shade of the 4 and most pigmented.
  • a peachy tan with gold shimmer and microglitter. it's soft and has a good pay off.
the four shades of this don't differ much from each other like in the Sunset Beach blusher, for example. mixed together, the shades give a shimmery coral-tan. you could concentrate your blush brush on either half to get a more pink or coral shade. it looks a bit like the softer and more wearable version of Stereo Rose MSF from MAC, more pink and less frosty.
Cable Beach has very fine and multidimensional shimmer that doesn't look greasy or frosty. it doesn't emphasize on my uneven skin. it creates a warm glow on my face, not too orange that i look sunburned but definitely a deeper shade than Sunset Beach or Miami Beach, and more golden than Echo Beach.
it has the same slightly waxy texture as the other Beach Blushes but applies just as nicely, even and blendable. it's a sheer blush but can be built up to the desired depth easily, without looking too shiny. it lasts all day on me without melting away or getting blotchy or oxidizing. i think this would look better on warmer skin tones than on cool skin tones and on tanned skin even more beautiful.

Cargo Cable Beach in natural light: each stripe swatched heavily + all shades mixed in a heavy swatch + all shade mixed in a blended swatch

this is how it looks applied:


  1. As you know I am a HUGE fan of Macs Stereo Rose so this has now caught my eye! I think the swatches look very similar to Stereo Rose! Great review hun x

  2. i know you are ;) i think this is a perfectly wearable version of Stereo Rose, all year round (i can only wear stereo rose in the summery months, and also not at work - it's too shimmery/frosty)

  3. Which one of your BeachBlushes do you like most?

  4. this is so hard to decide! but when i look through all my "how it looks worn" photos, i think i like Echo Beach best!

  5. Oh that is good news, I have already ordered Echo Beach. ;)

    Schrödingers Katze

  6. great! tell me how you like it when it arrived!

  7. You've tried tons of cargo products!

    I'd suggest trying their blu_ray line - I love the blush/highlighter in pink

    Also, have you tried cargo's Magic Brush? It's heavenly...

  8. i haven't tried it yet, thanks for the suggestion! i will research a bit on that ... ;)

  9. thanks for the swatches.. buying online this has helped immenseley!


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