May 23, 2011

Dior Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora

i have previously pre-ordered the Dior Diorskin Nude Glow - Healthy Glow Summer Powder in 001 Aurora (geesh, what a long name!) on about 2 months ago, but now i hear that they will have an order delay of over 1 months, so i would have to wait even longer to get it while already the look is on display everywhere. of course my impatient self (seeing all the great reviews on the internet) rushed out to buy this in store and will cancel my order at the online shop. i got the last one of my favourite perfume shop in my town where i had a 5€-off coupon for my birthday (if i buy anything in store, i like to support smaller family-run businesses rather than chain stores - they usually have better service, a better customer care and i feel better somehow). it contains 10g and originally costs 44€, i paid 39€.
the compact is just great - maybe i like it best of all the summer bronzers of this year, even better than the Guerlain jewel because it's much more my style. it has a silver mirror-like lid that's made of metal and feels cool and super sleek to the touch and a clear acrylic bottom part. it's very sturdy and has a good weight. the overall look is very summery light and clean. it has a big mirror inside and doesn't come with space consuming and useless built-in applicators. it comes in a velvet pouch that has an extra pocket on top to house a flat wide brush. the brush is ok, has a metal handle and is made of natural hair. it's softer than the one that comes with the Chanel bronzer but still not more usable for me (so i like to have it out of the way).
the wide pan contains the beautifully pressed powder. the pattern is like a woven material (somehow reminds me of the pattern how garden/beach furniture is made) of strands with different colours:
  • a cool tan with superfine shimmers and almost satin finish
  • a rosy brown that's almost matte and quite sheerly pigmented
  • a light peachy pink with gold microshimmer
  • a yellow based tan with gold shimmer
altogether they mix to a quite light peachy tan shade with subtle shimmer. fortunately it doesn't pull orange on me but has a soft peach undertone. i heard from many girls that both Dior bronzers of this summer apply too orange on them. i also don't find it glittery at all.
it has no specific scent, it smells very lightly like a clean powder. the texture is very fine with medium pigmentation. it applies smoothly and evenly. i don't have to be overly careful applying it, it gives me a fresh warm look with a subtle glow, i think this is a great bronzer for fair-medium skins with yellow undertones (for reference, i'm NC 20-25 in MAC). since it's light and peachy i can also use it on my cheeks like a blush without looking muddy. the shimmer is quite dimensional and very fine so it's not flat or frosty emphasizing on uneven skin. the glow is understated enough to be worn with an additional highlighter if you like.
i like to use it with the Trish McEvoy Bronzing Brush 37 best, it picks up the perfect amount of product and applies it beautifully on the apples of my cheeks, underneath the cheekbones, the sides of my face, temples and jawline.
it lasts all day on me without oxidizing or fading away. 
i'm glad that it's such a nice peachy tan on me that is not similar to my existing bronzers. i will post a condense bronzer comparison soon to get more precise on the different shades.

Dior Aurora swatched heavily & blended out
Dior Aurora swatched heavily & blended out

Trish McEvoy Bronzer Brush #37 + Dior Aurora (same desigh - they seem to be made for each other ;))

this is how it looks worn on me:
no bronzer - with bronzer


  1. Das sieht sehr schön aus und gibt dem Gesicht ganz subtil eine tolle Kontur!

    Wir haben ja schon deine ganzen Blushes bewundern dürfen, vielleicht hast du Lust bei dem "I love lipsticks" TAG mitzumachen und uns deine Lippenstiftsammlung zu zeigen. Würde mich sehr freuen :)

    Lg, Suki

  2. ui, danke für die review.
    bin zur zeit auf der suche nach MEINEM broncer, der ein nw15 häutchen nicht zu dunkel, orange und fake aussehen lässt.
    neben den guerlain-sommerprodukten steht dieser von dior hoch im kurs! ;)

  3. das c im bronzer darf gern durch ein z ersetzt werden. aaargh, ich hasse rechtschreibfehler.

  4. Hach, in diesen Bronzer habe ich mich auch schon verliebt... eigentlich bin ich mit meinem Dior Matte Bronzer auch sehr zufrieden, aber irgendwie juckt's mich doch in den Fingern. :)

  5. Gorgeous post, gorgeous model, and gorgeous pics!

  6. Der Bronzer steht dir wirklich gut! Sunset ist ja noch auf dem Weg zu mir, aber deine Bilder machen noch mehr Vorfreude! Wunderschön. <3

  7. @suki: dankeschön! dass ich schon deinem tag gefolgt bin hast du ja schon mitbekommen ;)

    @strawbemmy: bis jetzt finde ich auch den dior bronzer als gelungensten von allen dieses jahr limitiert erschienenen bronzern (die ich getestet habe).

    @melanie fontaine: oh, den dior matte möchte ich mir auch mal ansehen. die texturen von dior-puderprodukten sind immer göttlich!

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: oh thank you so much!!!

    @freckletone: ich hoffe er ist inzwischen angekommen und gefällt?


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