May 13, 2011

MakeUpShow brushes

if you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed me mentioning the MakeUpShow Blush Brush many times in my FOTD or favourites posts, so today i want to go through my brushes from MakeUpShow with you.
i first got to know them on an asian beauty blog, i heard MakeUpShow shall be a well known brand in china. i found out the online store selling those brushes (they also stock on some lovely Lunasol eyeshadow palettes i will definitely try out some day). after some browsing i first decided for 2 of their high series brushes, the H01 Powder Brush and the H02 Blush Brush about 6 months ago. recently, i ordered two more brushes, eye brushes this time. they ship within 2 weeks and international shipping is very reasonable.
their prices are in Singapore Dollars, 1€ is about 1.765S$ these days.
you can pay via paypal. when you order, you have to put the particular shipping fee into your shopping basket separately, that's a bit irritating.

the H01 Powder Brush 

costs 49.90S$/~ 35€.
- Full Length: 160㎜
- Hair Length: 44㎜
- Width of the Ferrule Foot: 20㎜

it is a short handled (all of their brushes are pretty short) very fluffy powder brush. it's round and also round tapered. the handle is made of nice walnut wood and it has a black ferrule. the brush head was quite skinny when it arrived me but fluffed out pretty much after i washed it. it's made of natural ending squirrel hair, is very soft and delicate to your skin, glides on your face and applies powder products incredibly effortlessly. the round shape and the softness makes me want to draw circles on my face with it all the time ;)
however this squirrel hair has more texture to it than the blue squirrel hair i know of by Hakuhodo or A'Squirrel. it's more comparable to Paula Dorf Squirrel hair, but has even more volume. i think it's just different squirrel types. the brush washes easily but bled out some dark dye and sadly, it sheds quite a lot. it doesn't only shed short little filling-hairs but really long essential ones. i'd love to use it more often, but the shedding issue puts me off. (i was also too lazy to send it back, i'm such a dork :P)

MAC 138 - MakeUpShow H01 Powder Brush
MAC 138 - MakeUpShow H01 Powder Brush

the H02 Blush Brush

costs 29.90S$/~21€.
- Full Length:144 ㎜
- Hair Length: 33.9㎜
- Width of the Ferrule Foot: 19.5mm

the H02 a short fluffy blush brush. it's also made of soft squirrel hair and walnut wood handle. this is a dense brush with a fluffy almost round brush head. it's the perfect size to apply blushes and blend them out easily. it can handly any of my blushes, from the most intense to the sheerest shades.
i would use the tip of it dipping only few times into the blusher pan and then apply in tapping and circular motions onto the cheekbones. i like this fluffy shade so much, it's not too big and not too small and has the ideal shape for my application technique. it feels silky on my skin and makes me really enjoy putting on my blush. it washes nicely and doesn't shed. only at the beginning it bled a bit of dye, but not anymore. definitely a winner.

MAC 116 - MakeUpShow H02 Blush Brush
MAC 116 - MakeUpShow H02 Blush Brush

H04 Angled Contour/Shader Brush

costs 18.90S$/~13.30€.
- Full Length:133 ㎜
- Hair Length:15㎜
- Width of the Ferrule Foot:13mm

this brush is an eye brush. it's made of a blend of goat and squirrel hair and feels soft and smooth against my lids.
it has a really special shape i have not even noticed until i have already shot some photos so i had to do a second round ;) i hope you can figure the shape on my pics. it's angled on the wide side but when you look at its skinny side, you can also notice a tapering to one side.
it's quite big for an eyeshadow brush, about twice the size of my MAC 272 brush. it has a medium density but is almost fluffy, meaning its soft hair has only little resistance. i like to use it to apply light-medium shades all over the lid or brow bone highlighter. it's too big for controlled colour placement. i also use it to blend out above the crease. but with the 3D-asymmetrical shape, it can't be used the same way on both eyes, you know what i mean? a unique brush for me, but no must-have.

MAC 272 - MakeUpShow H04 Angled Contour/Shader Brush
MAC 272 - MakeUpShow H04 Angled Contour/Shader Brush
MAC 272 - MakeUpShow H04 Angled Contour/Shader Brush

H13 Blending Brush

costs 22.90S$/~16€.
- Full Length:126 ㎜
- Hair Length:10 ㎜
- Width of the Ferrule Foot:7 ㎜

this is a stubby little brush with a special shape, also. it's made of sable hair and is quite dense and stiff. the hair has natural uncut ends so it's still very smooth to the delicate skin of your eyelids. the shape is almost a doe foot shape (yes, i bought it to try one more doe foot shaped brush ;)) but has rounded edges.
the H13 applies eyeshadows intensely and is the ideal size and shape (it has a good angle!) to apply dark crease colours to my small lid space, it fits right into my eye fold. this brush makes darkening the crease very easy because it applies intensely but softens the edges as it goes. i wouldn't call it a blending brush, though. this really is a good find.

By Terry Eye Sculpting Brush - MakeUpShow H13 Blending Brush - Hakuhodo G515
By Terry Eye Sculpting Brush - MakeUpShow H13 Blending Brush - Hakuhodo G515


  1. the crease brush i also have. very useful in creating nicely defined but still natural crease:) i love its touch and it is so easy to carry with:)

  2. omg makeupshow is popular in China! people say they are cheap and good qualities, but I never tried any of them LOL


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