May 1, 2011

Cargo Beach Blush in Miami Beach

this is the first of my big Cargo order from today i want to show you the shade Miami Beach, one of the Beach Blushes.
it costs 16£/18.80€ on and contains 9g of product.
it comes in the regular silver tin, simple without a mirror or applicator. with this one, the blush pan doesn't fit in very well and moves around when i don't press the sides to hold it. but it doesn't fall out either.
the Beach Blushes usually contain 4 different coloured stripes and should give a bronzy glowy look ("Blush + Bronzer in one"). most shades are shimmery, but there is also a matte one.
Miami Beach is shimmery and has a light peachy cream, a medium mauvey bronze, a reddish bronze and a golden bronze stripe. mixed together it gives a coppery peachy bronze.
with a smaller blush brush, you could concentrate on the two lighter stripes to get a highlighter shade or on the two darker stripes to have a bit more colour.
it looks quite shimmery in the pan and also on the fingerswatch, but applied (with my angled blush brush by A'Squirrel, in my case) it's not overly shimmery at all but creates a beautiful fine glow. it does not give a distinct flush colour, but a warm luminous summery look. a bit of bronze, a bit of peach, a bit coral and overall a healthy sheen. it has a lot of dimension and a sculpting effect.
the texture is fine, but not as smooth as the matte blushes and rather sheerly pigmented. it applies evenly and lasts all day, it also contains vitamin E as an antioxidant and skin conditioner.
makes me take a fancy to radiant bronzey cheeks!

Cargo Miami Beach in sunlight: the 4 stripes individually + mixed together in heavy swatches, last swatch is a blended out swatch with a brush of all shades mixed.

this is how it looks on me:


  1. Very, very pretty! I like it a lot on you :-D

    Relatable Style

  2. It looks so beautiful on you!
    BTW you look always stunning on your pictures.

  3. Great blush and it looks so beautiful on you. That glow is gorgeous!


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