May 10, 2011

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream and the bronzer question

when i decided to explore the brand Edward Bess, i knew there would be no way not to try the infamous Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream. i knew that this would be a good one - i especially trust on Sabrina's (The Beauty Look Book) judgement - she wouldn't call it her favourite bronzer if it wouldn't deliver!
the only reason why i hesitated is because i avoided to use bronzer before. it always made me too orange / tanned - not even in a bad looking way, but since i'm not a big sun worshipper (anymore) i'm cheesy pale all over the body. especially my neck and chest area glow in their palest yellow against my "normally" toned face. and since i tan really quickly, my sun-exposed areas (face -.-) are usually one or two shades darker than the rest of my body. and, to get back to topic, that is exactly the reason why i don't want to emphasize on the shade difference by using bronzer. i'm also not one to apply make up all over the neck/chest. and fake tan was always too messy for me. yes - WAS ;) since i'm trying some self-tanning this year (thanks to a fabulous body scrub, but that's another topic), it's ok for me to have a "tanned" summery face and i start to enjoy bronzing powders. and this is also why i finally orderd this bronzer i want to introduce to you now ;)

Edward Bess cosmetics is sold exclusively on for europe. the Daydream Bronzer contains 8.5g and costs 36£/~42€. there is also a deeper shade called Desert Sun, that is recommended for olive&tan skin tones while Daydream is made to create your "natural everyday tan". i think this shade is suited for skin tones up to about NC40 in MAC.

this is what is said about the product and the brand on
"Bronzers can be a disaster if they are too orange or if the powder isn't finely milled.
The Edward Bess bronzers are designed to be extremely natural once applied. The end-look is lovely and subtle. A gentle sun-kissed vibe.
We love the sleek compact and the fabulous formula.
Edward says the following about his bronzers:
'Inspired by the endless sunsets of an exotic island escape. Capture the natural glow of skin bathed in warm sunlight. Long-lasting, ultra fine powder delivers sheer luminosity. Cased in a sleek designer compact'.

Edward Bess is a stunning, sexy new make-up line, made up of wearable shades, luxurious formulas and simple, design led packaging. Edward started his career as a successful male model, spending his time between London & New York. In 2006, he decided to focus fully on developing his cosmetic line, concentrating on bringing to life his vision of female beauty. Edward’s gentle nature combined with his extremely qualitative products has insured the brand has become an instant success.

it comes in a thick suede pouch and houses in a modern black compact. it has a big mirror inside and comes without useless applicators.
the large pan fits any powder brush. the bronzer has a lovely sweet scent of exotic flowers and applies as a neutral bronze without too much orange or grey undertones. the finish is satiny, it doesn't contain visible shimmer but creates a natural sheen like from moisturised skin. it's very finely milled and applies seamlessly giving me a warm radiant look. it has just the right pigmentation and texture to make the application very easy. it doesn't look fake at all but brings some dimension back into my foundation-pale face.
it stays on my face the whole day without getting blotchy or oxidizing.

Edward Bess Daydream in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out

i would use a soft fluffy brush with it - i prefer to use Paula Dorf's Powder Brush that is made of squirrel hair and tap twice into the bronzer, applying it with the slim side of the brush in a c-shape from the temples to the cheek bones, leaving out the top parts for a highlighted look. then some more on the outer parts of the jaw to slim the face a bit, et voilà! (i also included it in my last contour/no countour-FOTD if you want to see the before/after effect).

this is how it looks worn

i'm very happy with it and am thankful that EB made it so easy for me to getting into bronzers ;)


  1. Ich habe das gleiche Problem, eines farblichen Ungleichgewichtes zwischen Gesicht und Dekoltee.
    Vom Hautton her würde ich mich bei ca NC 15-20 einordnen. Hals und Dekoltee sind jedoch auch mindestens einen Ton heller. Wäre der Bronzer hier auch noch geeignet, um diese Hautpartie dem Gesicht farblich anzupassen, oder fällt er hierfür zu dunkel aus?
    Noch eine Frage, für die kommenden heisseren Tage, welche Foundation ist für dich die Nummer eins in punkto Haltbarkeit im Sommer.
    Denn ich bin noch auf der Suche nach dem optimalen Produkt bei Hitze. Momentan sind meine Favoriten, YSL "Teint Resist" und Shiseido "Lifting Foundation". Evlt. hast du ja noch einen Geheimtip als Empfehlung zum testen.

  2. I've recently gotten into Edward Bess myself,thanks to reading many a beauty blog. I'm really impressed with his stuff and have two other products being shipped to me. I like the look of the bronzer on you, very natrual.

  3. The bronzer looks beautiful on you. No sign of orange!

  4. @aureolis: ich denke der bronzer wär zu orange, um ihn auf hals und dekolletée zu tragen. ich versuch derzeit, mein körper meinem gesicht anzupassen mit selbstbräuner, da ich make up auf hals und brust sehr unkomfortabel finde, das gefühl und auch die reibung durch keidung etc.
    für den sommer finde ich die flüssige sonnen-foundation von shiseido sehr gut. hat spf 30, ist schweiß-und wasserfest.

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: thank you! what did you order from EB?

    @zuzu's petals: thanks girl!


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