May 7, 2011

the Balm Hot Mama

when i saw had their theBalm sale, i ordered The Balm Hot Mama blush to try, the price of less than 10€ convinced me :P  a pinky peach with gold shimmer can't be wrong, huh?
i should have known better - i was never fully satisfied with the products i bought from this brand.
the blush comes in a cardboard packaging and opens like a little book with magnetic closure (i dislike such packagings. and look how poorly this one is glued. this is not even "cute" and "vintage" and "different"). the pan contains 7.08g.
the colour is a peach with light pink hues that is infused with a lot of gold shimmer and sparkles. the shimmer is very refined and it swatches beautifully, almost like a pink/gold duochrome and glistens in the sunlight. it reminds of NARS Orgasm but is much peachier. unfortunately it can look quite thick and greasy on the face due to the almost frosty gold sheen occasionally (there are also "good days"). it tends to emphasize enlarged pores, creating a flat gold shine on the face even if i use the lightest hand and the softest brush. like if you've put too much powder on your oily skin and then added a frosty blusher. buffing it out will only make it worse. it also tends to apply blotchy, make sure you put it on a completely dry (i.e. powdered/not on a dewy foundation) skin to avoid frost-nests.
i can't even make it work as a body powder to add some gold sheen because it contains a lot of multicolour sparkles and i would look like a tanned Cullen.
do you have this product? how do you wear it?
i have yet to figure out the right foundation/powder combo as the right base for it.

theBalm Hot Mama in sunlight: swatched heavily&blended out
theBalm Hot Mama in sunlight: swatched heavily&blended out

this is how it looks worn - on a "good" day ;)

Laura Mercier Orange Blossom - The Balm Hot Mama - NARS Orgasm
Laura Mercier Orange Blossom - The Balm Hot Mama - NARS Orgasm


  1. Wow, I always wanted to have it and I have only seen reviews of people who liked it. Now I am happy I didn´t buy it.
    Thank you!

  2. It looks SO good!
    It just gives you a more natural and healthy look without making you look like a clown!
    I´m in love with this blush! :D

  3. What a shame hun, I agree the packaging isnt great, I dislike cardboard packaging as it wears. I have had my eye on this also as I am a sucker for anything pinky/peach x

  4. @klaine: great that i could prevent you!

    @ari: oh thank you, but unfortunately this is not the positive result i can achieve everytime wearing this :(

    @sherrie: yes! since i also have a soft spot for peachy pinks, i bought it regardless of the ugly packaging i knew i would dislike. but sadly even the product within doesn't really work out for me.


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