May 12, 2011

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in #47 Rose Platine

this was also an item i successfully overlooked in all previews and reviews of the summer collection from Chanel, but totally got me after swatching it and seeing it live in store. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 47 Rose Platine is an automatic eyeliner pencil you twist up the lead. it's a metal pencil with a small sharpener integrated in the end.
it contains 0.3g (??!!! do all Chanel products contain so little amounts? i haven't noticed until now. i mean, a normal eyeliner from MAC or Urban Decay contains about 4x of it...) and costs 23.95€.
i ordered it together with an eyeshadow by Flormar on to get above 25€ for free delivery and to use a 5€-off-coupon.

Rose Platine is my first Stylo Yeux Waterproof from Chanel (i had own a black khol kajal long long time ago but now i'm not really into expensive eyeliners) - i thought i would try some more shades as i saw beautiful swatches online, but seeing the microscopic amount really puts me off.
this particular one is a shimmery taupe shade with gold, white and copper microglitter. if you look really close, you will notice that the liner is made of  tiny microglitter bits - so be careful with waterline application if you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. the texture is not completely smooth, but it glides on my lids easily without tugging. it's not very soft so it doesn't use up as fast as the MAC Pearlglides, for example. the pigmentation is medium, but this is also a rather light and sheer shade.
it's just like a shimmery eyeliner version of the taupe shade in the Lilium quad that was released with it. i like to use it on the lower lashline, it's very brightening but is not too light. for the upper lashline, i still prefer darker shades.  i have also tried it on my waterlines without any irritation. it applied smoothly and stayed on for about 3-4 hours before fading.

MAC Pearlglide Liner in Wolf - Chanel Rose Platine - Catrice Liquid Liner in Go, Get Bronzed - P2 Perfect Look Kajal in Bronze
MAC Wolf - Chanel Rose Platine - Catrice Go, Get Bronzed - P2 Bronze
top: Chanel Rose Platine, bottom: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit - Chanel Lilium quad (taupe shade) - Chanel Safari
top: Chanel Rose Platine, bottom: Benefit Birthday Suit - Chanel Lilium quad (taupe shade) - Chanel Safari

i will update with pictures where i actually wear it and where it's more visible than what i already have.
what about you? did you get this?


here i wore in on the upper&lower lash line - without additional eyeshadow.


  1. Ich habe mir den Eyeliner auch bestellt, aber ich werde ihn wieder zurück schicken. Obwohl er wirklich so schön ist, muss ich endlich aufhören Dinge zu bestellen, die ich nicht benutzen werde. Ich mag einfach keinen Eyeliner an mir. Aber die Farbe ist echt sehr hübsch! Schade, dass es den Taupeton aus dem Quad nicht einzeln zu kaufen gibt! Aber ich glaube, ich muss mir Safari mal genauer anschauen... Danke für die Swatches!

  2. I do have this and I l-o-v-e it! I think for me it was the standout for Chanel's Summer collection. I'm also really liking that MAC wolf pencil, very pretty!

  3. I have checked on some of my eye liners and also online and it seems that these automatic liners (non-sharpening ones) have a standard size of 0,3 g. Which is quite insane, though.


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