Jul 2, 2011

brush weekend: RMK Cheek Brush

ok guys - prepare to hear the word *soft* unproportionally often.
this is the RMK Cheek Brush.
i ordered it on bonboncosmetics.com, it costs 48.99$.
this is a medium sized classic blush brush, it's made of grey squirrel hair and is heavenly soft, like the softest dawn feather. almost undetectable on your skin, like a breeze over your cheeks. if you didn't feel a squirrel hair brush yet, you don't know what really soft feels like.
well, soft does not necessarily mean good, but this brush is good. it's dense and full, exactly packed and shaped, washes nicely without bleeding or shedding and doesn't fluff out after it's dried. it also didn't shed while usage.
it's soohhhoooft and smooth but because it's so dense and made with long squirrel hair, it still has some fluffiness to it so that i can use the tip to blend my blusher in circular motions. i don't know anything about the zoology of squirrels, but by usage i feel that those stated as "blue squirrel hair" brushes are more sleek and compact and the "grey squirrel hair" brushes  have slightly more volume and texture while providing almost similar softness with the blue squirrel being a tad bit softer.
it feels the same as my A'squirrel Pure Squirrel brushes, but there is a clear difference in the overall quality.
the RMK Cheek Brush applies my blusher softly and blends everything seamlessly in a stroke. i used it with my brightest NARS blushes (hello, Desire!) but it still gave me the softest sheer result with most ease. it has enough bounce to even use as a contour brush for a natural finish. i also like it for my face powder on days when my skin feels super sensitive and needs extra caress. it doesn't interfere with my foundation underneath at all, especially when like to i use more creamy (and less transfer resistant)  foundations on my "sensitive skin days", so i can really blend and buff in the product as long as i want to achieve a really melted-in-look.
it's great for soft blushes and intense colours and makes them fool-proof. nonetheless, be careful not to over-apply because you will love the feel of this brush on your skin ;)
again, the brush handle is quite short but made with most precision.
i prefer it over other (squirrel) blush brushes for its overall perfection. this is not an all-rounder, though. for a very sheer or firmly pressed blusher, i would still have to take other brushes, so consider this before purchase if your collection is still small.



it's so perfectly shaped!


A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blush Brush - MakeUpShow Blush Brush H02 - Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Brush - RMK Cheek Brush - MAC 116 - MAC 129
A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blush Brush - MakeUpShow Blush Brush H02 - Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Brush - RMK Cheek Brush - MAC 116 - MAC 129


  1. Great review. I really want to try RMK brushes now. Japanese brushes are definitely the best...I have some Hakuhodo ones and absolutely love them. They're so soft too. RMK are next on my list I think!

  2. Thank you so much for your review. I recently purchased a Hakuhodo blue squirrel blush brush (round and flat), and while it is supremely soft, I find it pretty useless for picking up, depositing, and blending color. On the other hand, sometimes I find goat and pony too scratchy (as you say, on those "sensitive skin days"). This grey squirrel brush may just be the answer!

  3. You're probably right about the composition; I couldn't find the information anywhere. I love this brush all the same, though its usage is limited to loose powder for me, the feel of it is is exquisite.

  4. If you like high quality squirrel hair brushes, you should give lunasol brushes a try as well. You can buy those and suqqu brushes at mihokoshop.com, downside is the prices are a little jacked up.

  5. I think I tried this brush or maybe a bigger size when I was in London, it was soooooo soft! Do you think it's softer than Hakuhodo's?

  6. I need to start investing in some Japanese brushes. It's so overwhelming to know where to start. Thanks for the great reviews!

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this brush! I just picked this brush up about 3 weeks ago in Taiwan, and so far I'm loving it too! ;)

  8. Omg.. Love thus brush. Just bought it recently and I can't stop using it. I'm using it as a face powder brush for now because I don't want to end up with blusher colour on my whole face.. It's sooo soft.. (sorry mr squirrel)
    I actually wanted to get the Suqqu brushes, but it's just too expensive. The blush brush could buy me a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad AND a Chanel lipstick. So when Im really glad I tried the RMK brush, the RMK counter was next to the Suqqu one (Selfridges, London).

    Definitely want to get the face brush and the sheer blush brush! :)

  9. how does this compare to the suqqu cheek brush?

    1. i will review the suqqu cheek brush soon and emphasize on comparisons to my existing blush brushes.


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