Jan 4, 2012

Cargo Molokai.

i'm finally completing my Cargo Blush series with my last one: Cargo Molokai.
Molokai is one of the permanent shades which were recently added to the offered range on beautybay.com. it costs 15£ (for UK) / 19.40€ (for Germany :( ) and the traditional Cargo tin contains 8.9g.
Molokai is a matte soft peach blusher with a very fine and smooth texture. it has a nice pigmentation, but since it's quite a light colour, it appears as a sheer wash of colour on my NC20-25ish skin. it glides evenly onto my cheeks and creates a refined skin effect with a velvety glow which i like very much with Cargo's matte textures.
this is my perfect peach shade for the winter time when i'm a bit paler. it doesn't turn pink on me unlike other too reddish peachy blushes but stays a beautiful soft pastel peach. at the same time, it's not too orange based at all. the colour stays true all day (7-8h).
theoretically a very perfect blush, but practically i can only wear this when i'm palest of my pale since most time of the year i'm too dark for it and the colour just disappears on me. that's why i had to sell it away few days ago. i have too many peachy blushes to justify keeping one that i can only wear in 3 months in the year.

check the overview post of my Cargo Blush collection for more swatches and reviews.

Cargo Molokai in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out


without blusher - with Cargo Molokai



  1. i really like this shade on you. very soft and effortless. i love cargo blushes, i wish my collection was as extensive as yours!

  2. This looks lovely on you, but on my NC30 skin I'm a bit worried it wouldn't show!

  3. NIce tone, to give a very nice warm tone to the face, thanks for the review, great your cargo blushes review!

  4. Loove this shade! I have yet to try a blush that isn't pink, I'm so shy when it comes to trying new shades. Cargo blushes seem amazing, not so thrilled about the price though!

  5. I really like it when you write a little bit about your life like former. It's interesting to know who writes such awesome reviews. You wrote your thoughts about autumn, your studies, and about your jewellry. This gives your blog more personality. And now there is nothing or very rare. Would you blog more about your life please :)

  6. oh and outfits. would be nice to see your fashionstyle.

  7. @mostlysunnybunny: i think with nc30 this colour would hardly show up but could even be a finishing powder for wider areas to warm up the complexion subtly.

  8. @anonymous: thank you for this suggestion! i'm always open for constructive criticism as yours. i have recently prepared some non-makeup-posts just about shoes and jewellery ;)
    but please bear with me as at the moment i'm not very talkative at all about my personal situation and life as i'm in an exhausting and trying phase. i hope you can understand that i wan't to keep some things private. i am thinking about sharing some random information, but i often end up dismissing such ideas because i think they are, well, too random ;)

  9. genau heute hab ich mir wegen deiner ausführlichen und wirklich tollen reviews mein erstes cargo-blush bestellt und zwar tonga. ich bin schon ganz gespannt :)

  10. I'm glad you compared it to Cannes. I was going to say it looked like a toned down version of it but I do seem some slight color differences that may justify getting both 8D

  11. Love your blog! The blush color really good for everyday wear. Nice!


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