Nov 18, 2011

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #3.

today i want to show you the other Blushing Fabric i bought after Giorgio Armani made them permanent: #3 (see my review for #1 here).
this cream blush comes in a tiny squeeze tube but contains 20ml which is a huge amount for such a product. it costs 29.95€.
#3 is a fresh guava colour between salmon and pink with ultrafine, barely noticeable shimmer. it has a weird herbal/soapy scent which i don't like. these cream blushes are rather sheer because they have a siliconey texture that blends extremely well but doesn't settle quite as fast as other cream products i've tried. they are only slightly layerable - the difference between 2 and 3 layers is only minimal (the silicone layers would just glide and slide onto each other). but work the product little by little to allow it to sink in into your skin somewhat instead of using more in the first place.
i apply it with my Hakuhodo G5552 (review) and it works very well, i think this would even be easily applied with the fingers. as i said, it blends super easily and seamlessly. the silicone part gives it a dry, silky finish with a light stain-quality so it does last quite well on my oily skin (contrary to my expectations).
i really like this cream blush, it's a beautifully fresh but easy-to-wear-colour that makes my skin look healthy and refined without disturbing the foundation i wear underneath.
this can also be worn on the lips as a matte stain, however mine are so pigmented that it's not very apparent. secondly, i prefer a nourishing formula from a lipstick or gloss.

1 layer
2 layers
3 layers


without blush - with Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric #3


  1. Ah, what a pretty blush. I imagine you only need a little bit to create such a lovely color. You have the prettiest blush collection =D

  2. pretty! it seems to just sink and be a part of your skin so naturally. really like the natural color. i really want to dabble in giorgio armani...from their eyes to kill shadows, mascara, and now their blushing fabrics! :P

  3. It looks so sheer and natural on you, which I love!

  4. This is a really pretty color! I love your blush reviews.

  5. Beautiful color and beautiful finish, thanks for the review,


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