Nov 15, 2011

MAC Tempting eyeshadow.

after a long MAC-break, i recently bought some eyeshadows during the Glamour Shopping Week (early october). i was looking for a pretty shimmery bronze colour that i can quickly sweep onto my lids for a warm and soft smokey eye or to warm up other eye make ups. although i already have quite a few in the colour family, Tempting was tempting me with its beautiful sparkly quality from many online swatches (hohoho what a pun!).
it comes in the regular container, did cost 16.50€ and contains 1.5g. i might need to depot it some time, i had to buy the container because they don't sell refill pans at Tempting is a Lustre Finish eyeshadow in MAC's permanent range.
it's a shimmery, dark bronze brown, exactly how i wanted it to be. unlike some really bad other Lustre eyeshadows i have tried from MAC, this one has quite a nice fine texture and pigmentation. it applies and blends well with minimal fall out and with a eyelid primer, it lasts a long day on my lids without creasing or fading.

MAC Tempting in sunlight & with flash (last pic)


with flash:


MAC Go - MAC Mulch - MAC Tempting - MAC Bronze (in 6 Dashing Lassies palette)

here i've compared it with other bronzey MAC eyeshadows. they look very similar in my photos, but trust me, in real they are only a bit similar :)
MAC Go is more golden and lighter than Tempting.
MAC Mulch is more plummy, darker and less shimmery than Tempting.
MAC Bronze looks most similar in the pictures, but is much more coppery and less shimmery (but more metallic) than Tempting.


  1. Love the eye look! This is a really pretty color.

  2. gorgeous look! Tempting is definitely one of my favorites but I find myself reaching for UD Smog (looks similar and is a little smoother in texture!)

  3. i love tempting! one of the first mac shades i ever bought and the only shade i have hit pan on. it is such a rich pretty shade, even though it is a lustre finish (the worst e.s finish from mac, at least to me). it looks lovely on you. i love making a smokey eye with it (tempting on lid, carbon in outer v)

  4. I love it! I love the bronze/gold eyeshadows, this one looks amazing for a drama look! thanks for sharing


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