Nov 12, 2011

mini drugstore haul: amazing Catrice eyeshadows!

i went a bit drugstore shopping after a long hiatus and picked up two Catrice shadows and a cream eyeliner by Essence.

Catrice Heidi Plum

i'm not a fan so the name doesn't sound funny to me. this is a revamped version of the shadow, it was a matte grape colour before. in fact, the new shade is available for a long time now, but my local Catrice dealer hasn't carried it until now.
it comes in the regular stylish acrylic packaging reminiscent of Shu Uemura eyeshadows and contains 2g. it costs 2.49€.
this is a beautiful complex colour, sadly it doesn't swatch well. Heidi Plum is a rich purple colour with pink, gold and blue shimmer and a almost duochrome pink pearl sheen. it has a soft and fine texture with high pigmentation. it applies evenly and blends well without fall outs. i'm glad that the pink is not too overpowering on my lids since it has a dark smokey base colour and looks quite dimensional when applied. it's great to do a one-shadow-look, but also combined with deeper shades in a purple smokey eye.
a fabulous eyeshadow, a real must have at this small price!

Heidi Plum swatched in sunlight and with flashlight (last pic)


here i wear Heidi Plum on the lids and blended out. combined with a purple liner and silver taupe on the lower lashline.

Catrice C'mon Chameleon!

C'mon Chameleon is a great eyeshadow, too. it's a duochrome eyeshadow of a warm brown base shade with a forest green sheen and green and teal shimmer. it has a soft texture and high pigmentation. it's told to be a dupe to MAC's infamous Club eyeshadow, but C'mon Chameleon is more shimmery with a more apparent duochrome than Club and its base colour is less red. overall, i like the Catrice shadow better since it also has a better texture.
it's predestinated to be a great one-shadow-look-colour to achieve a look as if you applied and layered different colours, packed on more intensely near the lashline with a high green sheen and blended out in the crease to a satin brown colour. its duochrome effect is even more intense when the shadow is layered on a dark base.
i think it looks great as a semi-colourful shade together with my new green cream liner by Essence :)
another must-have, and so affordable! (oh, and i always have a catchy tune when i read the name ;D)

C'mon Chameleon swatched in sunlight & flashlight (last pic)


here i applied it over the whole lid and lower lashline and blended out. the liner was the Essence Gel Eyeliner that i will show you just below ;)


Catrice C'mon Chameleon - MAC Club
C'mon Chameleon - MAC Club in sunlight
C'mon Chameleon - MAC Club with flash

Essence Gel Eyeliner in I Love NYC

i was curious about this shade for a long time, but always hesitated to buy because i experienced a slight transfer/stamp effect with the other shades i've tried from this range. I Love NYC is a dark shimmery green with teal tinge. it appears almost duochrome and looks great with a neutral eye make up as a special twist. i think it also looks great as a cream eyeshadow.
it has a creamy soft consistency, applies evenly and has a very high staying power, if i prime my lids with UDPP well before i use it, i can avoid it transferring to the upper lid. it applies semi opaque with one stroke, i need to go over it once to get a completely dense result.
i'm happy that you can get such a pretty colour at the drugstore. the little glass jar contains 3ml and costs about 2.95€

with flash

after the rub-test (it even left a stain after me rubbing it with a wet cleansing wipe)


  1. I love all of those already :) I will definitely check them out next time.

  2. i like the purple one. i love purple eyeshadows..

  3. Love your choices! I would be all over Catrice eyeshadows if they were available in my country- but I can settle with those cute pans by Art Deco ;) Now I MUST track down an Essense counter, I can already envisage a teal smokey eye using this eyeliner! xx

  4. Heidi Plum und der Gelliner gefallen mir richtig gut.
    Der Look mit Heidi Plum sieht wunderschön aus!

  5. Beautiful eyeshadows and eyeliner, thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, I might get the Heidi Plum-shade too, now that I saw how beautiful the swatches look like. I loathe the name though! ^^

  7. That eyeliner shade is very pretty. I love the look you did with the Heidi Plum shade.

  8. Wow, those Catrice ones are really flawless!
    And I'm super grateful for that review on the liner. I am surely to pick it up some of these days.

  9. C'mon Chameleon looks like label whore from Too Faced!

  10. Beautiful eyeshadows and eyeliner. I love shade Heidi Plum it looks very pretty.

  11. Oh, du hast den neuen Heidi Plum bekommen. Ich bin neidisch, hier sind nur angetatschte Exemplare der alten Version im Regal. Schöne Ausbeute auf jeden Fall!

  12. i absolutely love Catrice eyeshadows! I can get them very easy in my country (Holland) and i didn't knew they sell them in America to.

  13. I'll definetly try that Essence Gel Eyeliner. :)

  14. Great haul. Awesome shades. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Also geswatcht gefällt mir Heidi Plum ja noch besser als im Pfännchen...komisch. Muß ich mir dann wohl auch mal näher ansehen :-)


  16. I love C'mon Chameleon, it's one of my favourites now.

  17. Hahaha! The "translate function" makes me want to read every entry in this blog again:

    "Mini-Apotheke schleppen" for "Mini-Drugstore haul"

    LOVE IT!!!

  18. New reader - absolutely love your site! The Essence liner is an absolute stunner!

  19. Hee. I love the essence gel liners. They are so long staying.

  20. ahh i must find that essence liner!!

  21. super like heidi plum. too bad we dont have it here in asia. any suggestion of a dupe for this e/s?


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