Nov 1, 2011


you surely won't need to guess twice to know what this is.... ;)


  1. This is the make-up equivalent of a peep show.

    I can't wait for your review!

  2. Hi, this is my first visit and just wanted to say that your blog is an amazing source of information when it comes to makeup brushes! Just to mention that I have several Hakuhodo brushes on my wishlist :D

    And I'm looking forward to this review as well :)

  3. OMG so excitiiiiiiiing=)

    LG VanessaJolanda

  4. OMG! SUQQU!!!

    cant wait for your indepth reviews...for the sake of my wallet, please suggest wallet-friendly alternatives that are as good as suqqu...but if they are really great...i just might finally bite the bullet instead of petting them at the counters...

    cant wait!

  5. I feel like I should slip you a dollar to get the full show. D:


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