Nov 7, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy.

Boy, the first shade to be released from the Rouge Coco Shine lipstick range by Chanel in early spring and totally left me cold since then - but lately i was looking through my lipstick drawers for a natural colour, slightly cool toned and not too opaque to go with darker fall looks but couldn't find one. remembering of Chanel's so told universally flattering lip colour, i ordered it during the Glamour Shopping week with some MAC eyeshadows that i will show you later. with different codes i could get a 5€ discount and some perfume miniatures, a cute heart shaped Diesel Loverdose miniature included.

#54 Boy is a rose, almost rosewood colour with silvery microshimmer that isn't frosty but adds even more shine to the very sheer and glossy formula. swatched as a peachy-rose colour, on my lips it turns to a more cool toned mauve pink. it's sheer and lightly buildable and only coats my already pigmented lips into a transparent mauve sheen. the soft formula makes my lips look lush and moisturised, the colour applies evenly without streaks or settling into lip lines. it feels smooth and lightweight and hydrates my lips very well.
i get about 2-3 hours of wear with it before i need to reapply. i do find that it goes with many different looks and is a faboulous, understated everyday-lipstick, i sometimes even keep it in my purse to use a sheer application as a lip balm since it's so moisturising and doesn't add much colour. plus, i love(!) the rose scent.
this lipstick contains 3g and costs 27.95€.
i have reviewed the shade #57 Aventure here.

some might find it pointless to purchase a high end lipstick that is just so sheer, but unfortunately i haven't found a drugstore alternative that fulfils my needs colour-, formula-, texture- and packaging-wise. i think there are too few good sheer lipsticks in the affordable price range, and before i pay 13€ for L'Oreal & co., i would rather go for the pricier ones. Artdeco has some nice shades that i want to try soon, though.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy in sunlight: 1 swipe + multiple layers


bare lips


  1. It is quite sheer but it looks very pretty!

  2. Boy ist eine meiner Lieblingsnuancen! ♥

  3. I looks so good, sheer lipstick! thanks for sharing!

  4. Boy is such an amazing color. I wanted it all summer but I couldn't find it anywhere. It's ridiculous :p

  5. It looks like a great everyday lipstick! That perfume bottle is really pretty.

  6. I bought Boy when it was first released in Toronto... I have no regrets about my purchase... love this sheer beautiful shade :)

  7. I understand where you're coming from, but I really could never spend that much on such a sheer lippie.

  8. it is just like lipbalm but with more finess and shine. :)


  9. It's beautiful! I like somewhat sheer lippies better, at least more than really opaque ones, haven't tried the Coco Shines though, but I had this particular shade in mind already.

    I didn't know Artdeco had lippies somewhat like this (Artdeco never really seized to make we want to buy it, it just rarely happens), thanks for the tip!

  10. Mir stehen die leichten Texturen leider gar nicht, ich habe glaube ich einfach die Lippen nicht dafür. Sie sehen bei mir immer ungleichmäßig aus, aber ich benutze sie gerne über deckenden dann geht es :)
    Ich LIEBE den Anna Duft <3 Schade, dass es ihn nur in einer riesigen Flasche gibt, ich muss mich wohl weiter von Pröbchen ernähren :D

    Ich habe übrigens eben die Schuhe erlegt <3 Nochmal danke danke DANKE <3 Gibt sie bei uns übrigens noch in 38-40 (und ich meine auch in 37 aber da bin ich mir nicht mehr 100% sicher), mein Angebot steht also noch ;)

  11. I am a big fan of Boy although I do wish the staying power would be longer. However, as the cold season rolls around, I find myself reaching for the Rouge Coco Shines much more because they're much more moisturizing. Boy looks lovely on you.

  12. @lalaith: ich habe die Schuhe letztens auch wieder gesehen in meiner größe (37), aber zu dem zeitpunkt schon das ganze portemonnaie leergeshoppt und hab mich dann auf die Vernunft berufen ;)


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