Nov 13, 2011

foundation overview #18: Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat.

from the drugstore topic on to something completely contrary, today i want to show you a super luxury foundation by Sisley, the Phyto Teint Éclat.
i wanted to have this foundation for a few years now after testing a sample of it, and i finally purchased it during the last Glamour Shopping Week in early october. i took the chance since normally this foundation costs 83€ for 30ml, at it costs ~79€ and with a discount of 15€ it was quite acceptable ;) with a simple packaging design and not many expensive marketing campaigns, this foundation appears rather promising to me in terms of the worth of its ingredients compared to other brands where i'm more likely to assume that i pay for marketing, design and famous spokespersons.

this is an oil-free, long wearing foundation that should be suitable for all skin types (there is no information about the spf, though). it has natural plant extracts of Gardenia, Linden Blossom and Woodmallow to soften, moisturize and nourish the skin. it claims to provide a smooth, luminous finish.

ordering this foundation, i also got a set with luxury samples of some Sisley skin care products worth about 60€ (i've tried the hydrating mask and gosh it's sooo lovely!).
it comes in a colourful packaging, the frosted glass bottle lays nicely in my hands and the pump works precisely. i chose the shade #1 Ivory which is the second lightest colour in the german range, it has a slight yellow undertone and is a great match to my skintone, which is about NC20 in MAC at the moment.

one drop of: Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat in #1 Ivory - MAC Pro Longwear in NC20
Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat freshly applied
Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat 10 minutes after application

the consistency of this foundation is creamy and very fine, it has a pleasant herbal scent. the texture is incredibly easy to smooth out and looks even and streak free with whatever tool i use. this is one of the very very few foundations that i absolutely enjoy applying with the fingers because of the lovely natural result and i even prefer this method over my beloved BeautyBlender.
it feels lightweight on my skin and gives a semi-matte/satin finish with medium, but buildabe coverage. i really like how the foundation sets to a dry finish that feels fresh and clean, like if you have just washed your face. applying powder over it is very easy, the powder glides on smoothly without any tacky feel and if you have normal skin (and not oily like mine) you could totally skip the powder step.
it keeps my skin soft and moisturised over the day without feeling heavy and greasy, it doesn't settle into fine lines and enlarged pores or emphasize on flaky skin areas but refines and smoothes the appearance of my skin.
it wears nicely on me, it doesn't oxidise and lasts all day with a natural look. i do get a bit shiny after about 7 hours, but the coverage is still there.
do i think that this foundation is worth its 83€? yes, every single cent and i would gladly repurchase it. it's not a must at all, but it's soo nice! a treat for yourself and your skin.
if you have slightly oily skin with few imperfections, the Phyto Teint Éclat would be perfect for you, you should really try to get a sample of it.

and that's how it looks worn: i've photographed it on different occasions and didn't know which set to choose to demonstrate how it wears ;)

no foundation at all - Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat applied with BeautyBlender

with complete make up

on another day, more natural lighting and still applied with the BeautyBlender.

with complete make up

here i applied it with my fingers.


please check my foundation overview post to see more foundation reviews, shades etc.


  1. This looks fantastic on you. Totally a 'my skin but perfect!' product! I think I prefer it applied with the BeautyBlender though.

    Either way, it looks like you found your perfect foundation!

  2. looks gorgeous on you! I also had a sample and loved it!

  3. Great and very useful review! It looks nice on you!

  4. I looks fantastic that foundation, I never tried it! thanks for the review

  5. This is incredibly luxurious :) I think you look amazing!

  6. Loving your reviews and photos!! Extremely informative and helpful! Thanks so much for that..

    I did get a sample of this but found it a little too matte and drying for my dry skin..

    1. thank you for your lovely feedback! how is your skin type? i have quite oily skin, so i can usually get away with the more drying or matte foundations as well, as long as they are not too powdery or look grainy on the skin ;)

  7. Do you wear loose powder over the liquid foundation?


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