Nov 5, 2011

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner.

today i want to hype about this eyeliner a little bit - it's the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner, a liquid liner in pen form. it was this post from Akisa at Beauty Swatch which made me buy it. i found it on ebay and paid about 10€ (shipping included). it comes with a pair of false eyelashes, i think that's a promotion.
i have tried several pen liners before, but all of them had a fine felt tip. i liked them for being so easy to handle that they allowed even absolute beginners to draw an accurate, fine line. the weak point always was that after a certain time, the felt tip started to soften and would loose its precision. furthermore, the consistencies were often too liquidy or felt burning on my lids.
this liner is different, it has a real brush as a tip. the brush is very fine and firm with a precise point tip.
the consistency of the ink is watery with a medium opacity, for a deep warm black i need to go twice over the line. it doesn't feather out on your skin though, and the fine brush allows the most fine and delicate strokes i have ever experienced with an eyeliner (with such ease). it doesn't burn my eyes.
this liner claims to be waterproof with a staying power of 24h. it sets quickly to a satiny film and doesn't move or smudge at all. it doesn't give me the transfer effect despite my oily lids even when i don't wear any primer or eyeshadow to help it. i haven't tried to wear it over 24h, but i can really say that this liner will stay on as long as you want it to - the asian really do the best wp formulas. it's easily removed with my normal cleansing wipe or micellar lotion.
i only have it for about two weeks and can't say anything about how long it goes before it's used up or dried out, but according to Akisa's experiences, it will go strong for over 3 months. i am really positive about this as the cap closes really tightly, but if it's time to, i will definitely repurchase!!! i don't see any reason for the L'Oreal Super Liner anymore, which formerly was my favourite.

just applied
after a rub test with dry tissue
after rinsing with lots of water

ultra thin line

medium thin line

thick liner


  1. _Der_ Eyeliner, der auch schon die Sommermonate in Japan bei mir durchgehalten hat! (8 Und mein geöffnetes Exemplar hält sich schon seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit noch gut, ohne auszutrocknen (habe ihn vor über einem Jahr angebrochen).

  2. This post caught my eye because I just asked my aunt to get me the K-palette 1 day tattoo lasting brow pen on her trip to Asia! Do you have any experience with that? -- or, is Copperplate your brow HG of HGs such that you don't need to branch out with other brow products?

  3. Ein sehr überzeugendes Produkt! Mir gefällt, dass man sehr Präzise damit arbeiten kann.

  4. Erinnert mich sehr an den High Performance Eyeliner von Artdeco, mein absoluter Liebling!

  5. Nice! that´s an waterproof longlasting eyeliner! thanks for sharing!

  6. it's really nice! i won't buy it because i'm not good at lining the eyes, but you're defo a pro!

  7. This is one of my favourite eyeliners. I've been using it for 3 years straight. The only problem I have is that the colour is not black enough and it doesn't completely come off. I takes about a day for the "tattoo" to be completely removed. But since it doesn't smudge AT ALL, it's a great product!

  8. wow! that eyeliner seems like something I want to try. I love eyeliners that give me possibility to do different lines.

  9. Glad you liked the K-palette eyeliner!! It looks amazing on you~

  10. Ich hab den mal in Tokio gekauft und war so zufrieden damit! Ich sollte ihn wirklich mal auf eBay ersteigern..;)

  11. thank you everybody! i didn't know that this liner is so popular but it's great to hear that so many of you have tried & loved it.

    @BooBooNinja: actually i just ordered the brow pen to try! it seems very similar to the suqqu one that i initially wanted to purchase, but is more affordable. i will review it when it arrrives and i have tested it enough.

  12. hey! can you give me the name of the ebay's seller? thanks xx

  13. hi great review! i just did a review on the same product too. come check out my blog if you have time :D

    xoxo <3
    K-palette 1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliners


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