Nov 2, 2011

what i loved in october.

october is already over and i totally enjoyed it. i loved the mild weather, the warm light and golden leaves, i loved the cardigans and scarves, the booties and knitted dresses, i loved make up, enjoyed many foundations, cream blushes and smokey eyes.

skincare etc.:

this is my skincare over the month, i forgot to include the REN O12 Rose Synergy oil which i use at night. plus, this month i went out of my Paula Dorf Daily Smoothing Treatment (review) which i need to replace shortly to stay clear of blackheads. i'm going relatively well with the Weekly Treatment when i rinse it of after few minutes, though.

1 - Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant (review) i have reviewed this recently, it's just the best exfoliator i've tried so far and literally polishes your skin.

2 - Shiseido Benefiance Concentrate Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream is still my ongoing love. it treats my skin and diminishes fine lines very well.

3 - RapidLash i'm still using this religiously and appreciate the results. i envy the girls with long, full and curved lashes - they don't a lot of make up at all to look finished and ready to go. i've never been a false lashes-person, however i've just ordered some subtle lashes to try on special occasions.

4 - Hermès Hermessence in Ambre Narguilé i love this scent. it's so warm, embracing and special.

base make up:

i've been enjoying many new foundations and some concealing products this month, i often went un-powdered and only with concealer, brushing through the brows and curling the lashes with a "radiant complexion only"-look.

1 - Guerlain Météorites in #2 Teint Beige (review)

2 - Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4.5 finally bought it and i must say i like it better than the Lasting Silk UV. in depth review will follow soon.

3 - Sisley Phyto Teint Éclat Foundation in #1 Ivory this will be reviewed soon also.

4 - Chanel Perfection Lumière in B20 i had to order this foundation from the US since in germany we don't have this shade, buh on Chanel! i didn't expect that i could enjoy a matte finish, but more thoughts later.

5 - Estée Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Cells BB Creme (review) the best BB cream i've tried! i'm still using my samples but already have the full size as back up ;)

6 - Givenchy Prisme Again! Visage in Impertinent Rose (review) well, i've already reviewed this item initially thinking it might be a light blush, but it's a face powder for a fresh and healthy appearance. i've now come to LOVE the peachy square of the powder as a setting powder for my undereye concealer on days i'm too lazy to use a colour corrector. the peachy powder evens out and neutralises the green/brown darkness SO well. super effortless and efficient, sometimes i also use it on its own.

7 - BeautyBlender (review) still my favourite tool to apply liquid foundation. very quick and easy, very flawless finish.

8 - Hakuhodo G5557 Powder & Liquid Brush round/angled (review) great brush, as always with Hakuhodo. this makes me enjoy to use a brush to apply my foundation again.

9 - Lunasol Powder Brush N (review) my go-to brush for setting/finishing powder (until now - i just say SUQQU, hehe). super fluffy and unbelievably soft and gentle. a real treat for your skin.

10 - A'Squirrel Blending Brush (review) i use this to apply the Givenchy powder to my undereyes. it's soft and fluffy and the perfect size.

11 - Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer in #3 i totally enjoy this concealer. in depth review coming soon.

i forgot to include the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in #2: the last weeks, my undereye circles became more severe. might also be in contrast to my skin becoming lighter, but i am quite a night owl these days. here as well, an in depth review will come soon.

cheek products:

i started to enjoy cream blushes again, pinks and berry-tones were my faves.
1 - NARS Orgasm (review) i do like the soft golden glow of Orgasm blusher. especially when applied sheerly it goes well with every look, but i love it in combination with:

2 - Guerlain Perles D'Or (review) as a blush topping. this looks amazing over NARS Orgasm blush. the complex gold, silver and mauve sheen of this tones down Orgasm, letting the gold shimmer peeking through.

3 - Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric in #3 a gorgeous guava colour that looks soft and fresh on my cheeks. review with more pics and thoughts soon to come.

4 - Burberry Earthy Blush No. 07 (review) my favourite contour powder. fabulous cool toned taupe, no shimmers and amazing texture.

5 - Hakuhodo G5552 Powder & Liquid Brush round/angled (review) my little magic wand for cream blushes.

6 - Hakuhodo G5519BkSL Blush Brush (review) this is pure blush-luxury. brush-indulgence on the highest level.

7 - MAC 138 one of the very few really good face brushes from MAC and an old favourite for contouring.

for the eye make up:

the dark and shimmery smokey eye was my favourite make up look over the month. the gloomy weather and many parties, going out and festive occasions allowed me to go as bold as i wanted to.

1 - Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs in Les Fumes (review) was my favourite everyday palette over the last month. i love the satin matte finish, soft smokey eyeshadows combined with a gloss in bright berry.

2 - Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Illusoire (review) my favourite out of the 6 shades. it's a beautiful complex sparkling grey/purple colour, beautiful to wear on its own. blended out to just a hint for everyday or packed on intensely for the evening. love it!

3 - Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow in #4 (review) the shimmery grey is a perfect shade to combine with a bold lip colour. it's very neutral but exciting with a sparkley impact.

4 - NARS Mekong (review) this was THE key shadow in most of my eyeshadow looks of the past month. perfect for a dark dark smokey eye and for a deep outer corner. combines beautiful with every other colour.

5 - MAC 242 as always, my staple lay down brush. the most intense application. normally i prefer fluffy brushes for cream shadow application, but this seems to work best with the Chanel ones.

6 - Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush (review) what more to say than love?


lip-wise quite a boring month. few days with bold berry lips, but most times i went for subdued and light colours.

Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss in My Favourite Milkshake (review) is a good subtle lipgloss in a pale creamy salmon. tones down the lip colour and looks good with bold smokey eyes.

Dior Addict in 343 Miss Dior (review) for a fresh peachy lip. nice texture and shine.

on the nails:

1 - Estée Lauder Surreal Violet (NOTD) my all time favourite nail polish. legit.

2 - Essence VIP Appeal a happy bright warm pink was very refreshing with all the dark clothing

3 - Essence Plum Perfect my perfect fall berry colour - love it on the fingernails and on the toes just as well


i loved my autumnal high heels this month, especially the red pumps - they look great as an eyecatcher in a plain black outfit - of course with the matching nails and/or lips!


  1. I think it's amazing how much makeup you have. I've never seen someone with so much brand variety in their collection before.

  2. I love 'Favourites' posts, always so interesting!
    I pretty much want everything you mentioned especially the chanel cream eyeshadow, I wasn't interested when there was that big buzz about them but it really looks lovely!

  3. OMG ich bin verliebt in die roten Schuhe, verrätst du mir woher du die hast? Du wärst damit auf jeden Fall auf meiner ewigen "ich bin ihr dankbar"-Liste <3

  4. Where did you order the foundation? In Spain the lightest shade is 30.

  5. Wow !!! I love your posts , are so interesting ! I like your blog a lot ... I use the lighest shades on makeup and this is a problem in Spain .

  6. Interesting, thanks!

  7. Love everything! Especially the shoes.... those red ones.....*sighs*....

  8. Love your choices. I keep meaning to try Armani foundations and you have me wanting to try Edward Bess brushes now too!

  9. Love your favourites, especially the red pumps!

  10. Great products! thanks for sharing!

  11. oh my i love most of the items you have on the list. and by most, i mean all that ive tried and judging by your preference, if i got to try the others too, id love them just as much!

  12. Those red shoes are just AWESOME!

  13. Today I´m on your Blog the first time and I want you to know that I´m in love with it!! Great!


  14. I bought exactly the same red shoes last weekend and I NEVER had so many comments on my shoes in the office... I LOVE them :-)

  15. Those red pumps are to die for! =)

  16. I always enjoy your favourites post. I found myself nodding my head at some and making mental notes on lots of the others. I think the Prism and Armani concealers have piqued my interest the most. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Jane x

  17. I just found your blog and I'm amazed by your wonderful collection! Fantastic blog!

  18. I am using Shiseido Benefiance Concentrate Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream, too! But I still have fine lines under my eyes...I've been using it for like about 1 month now ...

  19. That's it, I think I might have to get Nars MeKong. Oh goodness, it sounds dreamy! Thanks for the detailed post, good information... now to create a wishlist! ha ha ha. Have an awesome day ;)

  20. Mal wieder unfassbar schöne Dinge dabei! Wenn ich mir eines Tages Hakuhodo Pinsel kaufe, bist du schuld! :D Les Fumes und der Eyes to kill e/s Nr. 4 stehen auch noch auf meiner Wunschliste.

    Liebe Grüße,

  21. thank you everybody!

    ich hab solche schuhe wie besessen im netz und in shops gesucht und war schon fast bereit gewesen, jeden erdenklichen preis dafür zu bezahlen - und weißt du wo dann am ende die perfekten schuhe mit der perfekten form und farbe standen? beim Deichmann!! superbillig für nur 20€, ich überlege mir sogar, ein back-up zu kaufen wenn ich nochmal ein paar finde in meiner größe!
    quasi ein Schuh-Backup hahaha

  22. Danke <3 Ich muss nächste Woche unbedingt mal schauen ob wir die vielleicht haben. Ich habe bei Zalando welche gesehen, aber zum einen haben die schlechte Bewertungen bekommen und davon war glaube ich keiner mit einer etwas dickeren Sohle vorne, das mag ich persönlich lieber. Ich gucke auf jeden Fall und berichte. Wenn du mir deine Größe verrätst kann ich ja für dich gucken ob es ein Back Up gibt. Ich finde uns übrigens überhaupt nicht irre, ich würde auch ein zweites Paar kaufen :D

  23. I love your favorites for the month! I never really seem to have a theme for my makeup each month, I just pick what I'm feeling and go for it. :) I love the coordination. Btw in the eye makeup pic you have number 1 and 4 mixed up (the NARS is 4, not one).

  24. You should also check out Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer. It is a little pricey (48.75 euros), but it works so so well. I absolutely love it! Great favorites.


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