Jun 19, 2011

Burberry Light Glow in No. 07 Earthy Blush

the Burberry Blush in No. 07 Earthy Blush is the second shade i purchased recently (my review of No. 08 Misty Blush is here). i ordered directly at burberry.com because they offered free express delivery which normally would cost 20€.
the blush contains 7g and costs 38€.
it came with the Misty Blush in the impressive luxurious packaging - which for my taste is a waste of packaging material. i don't need it to be so pompous for two little blushes.

Earthy Blush is one of three newer shades of the range which were launched this spring. it comes in a velvet pouch which the signature nova check pattern. the glossy pewter plastic compact also has the pattern engraved just as it is pressed into the blush itself. the compact has a magnetic closure and contains a nice angled brush, which is made of soft natural hair but too flat and thin for effective usage in my eyes.
it really annoys me that you can't open up the lid more than about 95°. so it always throws a shadow on the blusher and falsifies the colour because i don't have a light source in my back. also it's uncomfortable to use the mirror that way.
this shade also has the same strong scent like my other Burberry Blush, it's an intense powdery, soapy scent which doesn't disappear quickly after applying - i think it will bother sensitive noses quite a bit.
Earthy Blush is a matte greyish brown with a mauve tint. it's a neutral shade which i think is perfect as a contour shade - which is why i bought it. i've been searching for such a shade since forever, i wanted MAC Emote, MAC Strada, Illamasqua Rumour and then Primal but always came too late for them and somewhat came to terms with NYX' blusher in Taupe and Benefit Hoola (click here for my Hoola review and previous comparison of contour shades). but after seeing some online-swatches of this blush i felt that i would be perfect to use as a contour shade.
and i was right, i really enjoy to use it as a contour blusher! it's not too dark, not orange (which would make me look muddy) or mauve (which would look slapped) at all, with the perfect amount of grey in it to appear as a natural colour of shadow. it's very finely milled and blends out beautifully which makes it easy to use. i like to use my Hakuhodo 210 Blush Brush with it - it has a nice round shape to fit in the hollows of my cheeks and has the right density. i just need few taps into the pan to create a subtle but visible contour to my face. it doesn't fade or oxidize through the day.
i like it better than NYX Taupe blush because that one was a bit too sheer and too grey for my taste, it's also better than Hoola by Benefit to be because i find Hoola to be a bit too pigmented and hard to use.
i can strongly recommend this blush as contour powder to everyone with a skin lighter than NC30-35 in MAC. i haven't even tried it as a blusher for my cheeks yet ;)

Burberry Earthy blush in natural light: swatched heavily & blended out

this is how it looks worn

without - with


MAC Cubic - Burberry Earthy - NARS Zen
MAC Cubic - Burberry Earthy - NARS Zen


  1. Sieht nach einer wirklich tollen Contouring Farbe aus :)

  2. Wow, das hätte ich auch total gerne! Hab leider keine Kreditkarte..
    Wie lange gilt das denn, dass man keine Versandkosten bezahlen muss?

  3. I have a Burberry blush that is expected to arrive to me tomorrow and I hold you partly responsible for jump starting my Burberry fever! I can only hope they package everything up as nicely as they did for you, they certainly deserve an A+ for presentation! As always great review and thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I really do appreciate the recognition! :)

  4. Sieht wunderschön aus der Blush, tatsächlich super zum contouring=)

  5. First of all: Love your Blog! It's the sophisticated one among the beauty-blogs. Though your reviews makes me spend quite a deal more on make-up than I did before reading in it, I still tune in daily. What do you think about the Hakuhodo Yachiyo brushes? Would you buy them in different sizes? (or am I just too taken by the gorgeous look of them...?)

  6. Great review, I am very tempted by this. I'm thrilled by the swatch comparing it to Cubic too. I still haven't bought anything from the Burberry range, it's interesting to hear that you can buy directly from their website. I hadn't realised this at all.
    Jane x

  7. @hagebutterchen: ja, das ist sie wirklich. besonders für hellere hauttypen.

    @C.: ich weiß leider nicht, wie lange dieses angebot gelten soll...

    @hopelessly devoted to makeup: you have a great blog! of course you need to be mentioned in my blogroll! and your post on the cameo blush really intrigues me...

    @krisi: ja, bei mir hat's richtig gebimmelt als ich die ersten swatches dazu nachgesehen hab hahaha

    @lulu: wow, thank you! and although you spend more on makeup since you're reading on here, i hope you have been pleased with your hauls?
    i'm a bit uncertain about the yachiyos. they are soft and nice, but due to the traditional design i don't find them very sturdy to last many many washes. i own the large pointed one, but have not bought any more yachiyos, i don't think that i need more sizes, but i somewhat want to try the version by NARS.

    @modestyBrown: thank you. me too, i have never thought of that possibility ;)

  8. Yes, I have been most pleased with my hauls. Since I'm buying a lot of stuff online and therefor can't try/swatch the products, your blog has been a real help. Your reviews are most reliable! I never bought something that wasn't as described in your post. Thank you!

  9. Oh gosh, I wish I could afford this blush! I trust your reviews and given that I have a NC20/25 complexion, I can see how this would be an ideal contouring powder for me as well. I had thought that the NYX Taupe (which I have not seen in person yet) would be my ideal colour...but now you are making me rethink that. Have you ever tried NYX's blush in "Stone"? It's supposed to be a good contouring shade as well, but again, I have not seen it in real life.

    Unfortunately, the Burberry blush is out of my price range. Could you recommend a contour powder with a lower price point?

    I appreciate your time!

  10. @boobooninja: i also have NYX taupe and i think it's a great contour colour (i'm also NC20/25). however it annoys me that the NYX product is quite sheer. plus, sometimes i find it too grey.
    but i heard that mac will re-promote their blush in Strada in a collection soon, i will look out for that since it's told to be one of the best colours for contour.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Apart from you, I hadn't heard anyone report the greyish quality of NYX Taupe. Your comments are helpful as I've never seen (much less swatched) this blush in person.

    I'll keep an eye out for MAC Strada and for your review! Maybe in the meantime I can collect my pennies... or wish upon a star that I can one day afford that Burberry blush. hee hee. :)


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