Jan 30, 2011

Project Perfect Set-Up Round 2

so i went to Ikea again yesterday (it was on the way to our actual shopping destination) and quickly picked up two white Lack shelves and some decoration. i bought the black ones that were in this place before long time ago for my first apartment, but they really don't fit in my bedroom of today. some cleaning and redecorating made them a really nice area to look at and the white colour makes my vanity corner much "lighter" and more "airy". the black&white photo on the upper shelf is made by my bffff years ago when my babybooboo was sooo tiny. the baskets and the lamp are Ikea, too (i think?).
i sticked the neon tube back on the lower rack.

i also got this little candle holder, still no idea how to use it (but not as a candle holder), but it's really chic and fits into my colour scheme - maybe you've already noticed ;) pink/green, just like the blog.

here are some other decoration details and storage ideas of my vanity area:

i lay my lipglosses into these glass vases (i think Ikea again) that i store on their side, high end lipsticks are stored standing upright on top (but i need a better storage for those).

i store all my swatched nail tips in this little q-tip holder (you can get it for about 3€ at drugstores like dm).

this is my brush-holder, they are 3 cubic glass vases (one for face brushes, one for cheek brushes and one for eye brushes) i filled with plastic raindrops - you can find all materials at home decoration shops like Depot.
but i suggest you buying those raindrops at ebay, they cost a LOT less than in the store - i didn't know that and paid way too much for my deco. i think i needed about 12 pots of those raindrops for my 3 vases, and each pot was about 2-3€ while they sell them in kg-packages on ebay :(
but i can totally recommend them, they are beautiful and don't have harsh edges (like sand - don't ever use sand!) that can harm your brush handles. and they come in many colours you can choose from.
as you can see, i need one more vase soon, as the existing ones are flowing over.

my kabuki brushes are standing on the frame of my mirror (which is the Molger mirror from ... guess what? Ikea!)

eye- and lipliners are standing upside down in this plastic glass - so i can find the right shade faster (since i got so many MAC ones from a blog sale).

on my Fira container i keep cosmetic q-tips, all my perfume samples and hand sanitizer (that i filled into this pump bottle). this acrylic container set i got really cheap at Ikea (what else?).

around my mirror, i draped this cute star fairy lights. i like to lit them when watching tv or when i use my laptop in the bed. very cozy.

on one side of my mirror i have this vase with an artificial orchid branch and a big leaf. because i'm a house plant killer (but still love how they look) and they wouldn't get enough light here, too.

i have this big Chanel promotion leaflet for their spring look that i really like and want to frame someday and hang it near my vanity (i totally forgot about it yesterday, or i could've get a frame at Ikea).

at this point, i'm pretty happy with my vanity and storage system. still need to find some more containers like the Fira ones (that are discontinued :( and pretty expensive and hard to get on ebay now). i tried to build one on my own - but the result is so unsatisfying that i can't show it to you. maybe i'll look into Muji. also i need a better place for my printer, that is standing underneath my vanity at the moment and doesn't fit into my picture of a vanity at all and so really bugs me.

i hope you liked it and maybe you found some inspiration for your own make up area. i'm always open to recommendations or improvement ideas.


  1. die lipglossaufbewahrung hab ich ähnlich bereits mal bei tiffanyd gesehen. tolle idee, die ikea vasen umzudrehen!
    sehr schöne vanity-ecke! <3

  2. wenn mpj das so anspricht, muss ich ganz dreist nachfragen, denn natürlich ist mir dieses bild auch aufgefallen: bist du bereits mama?

  3. danke ihr beiden!
    @strawbemmy: kein problem - ist doch kein geheimnis ;) ich zitier mal mein profil: "hi! i'm a 25-year-old intern, mum-of-a-rascal, wife-of-another-rascal beauty/make up addict - nope - meant collector :P […]"

  4. aaaahh, how nice! I just finished my med. school in Nov.!

  5. great! it's nice to meet colleagues with the same interests ;)

  6. Sieht richtig toll aus, dein Set-Up. Und dass du schon so jung Mutter bist UND Medizinerin bist: Hut ab!

  7. danke. "nebenbei" ein kind zu haben ist zwar ziemlich anstrengend - aber er hilft mir zu sehen, warum ich es mache und dieser gedanke treibt mich an.

  8. Ok, those starry lights are perfection! How quaint and just like you said "cozy". I really am enjoying your blog. I am actually German, but have never been to Germany. I hope to visit someday. Keep up the excellent work with your blog!


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