Jan 24, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow brush

with my last order from zuneta.com, i also got this eyeshadow brush by Rouge Bunny Rouge. it's the Large Shader 003 (about 25€) and the first brush i tried from the brand.
the packaging is beautiful, with whimsical floral ornaments printed on.
the brush itself has a black wood handle with black metal ferrule and lies comfortably in your hand. it's not too light or too thin. it washes easily without any bleeding or shedding.
it's made of natural pony hair, which is very soft (no cut ends) but has a good resistance. it is a relatively big brush head, perfect for people with a lot of lid space or for a wash of colour all over the lid.
it's also quite thick, so you can use it for blending, too, which i prefer these days - these lazy days ;)

size comparison:
MAC 227
Rouge Bunny Rouge Large Shader 003
Sigma SS239
MAC 239

as i'm so pleased with this brush, i'm also very intrigued to try their face brushes, like the blush brush or the contour brush...


  1. I got this brush too with my last order and I love it! I'm browsing as we speak trying to work out which brush to try next ;)
    Jane x

  2. it's great, isn't it? i saw they used it in a video on zuneta and i think i watched it twice and then ordered right away ;)
    i heard many good and intriguing things about the blush brush... it's on a high position of my wish list :)


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