Jan 10, 2011

Chanel Le 4 Ombres eyeshadows + Taupe Grisé

i only have these two very very old quads from Chanel plus one new eyeshadow mono. i bought the quads about 8 years ago! but the texture of the old eyeshadows is still fine.

reason why? because i thought Chanel would be THE ultimate brand for make up, eyeshadows included. but they aren't. because it's almost scam, if you pay 45€ for a palette that only contains 1.2g all in all. that's even much less than a pan of their mono eyeshadows (2g), which retail for 25€. and the quality isn't even good, not to mention excellent or worth the price at all. it's just ok.
the shadows are blendable, they don't have fall outs, they last a good time. but they're quite sheer and you'll have to work with them if you want intense looks.

ok, these are some really beautiful colours, but only because i deliberated it well before getting them, there are also many lame ones.
also a Chanel eyeshadow bouton is the only high end one i have ever (almost) finished although i have so many - because it is so tiny!
the texture and pigmentation is okay. quite sheer but i like to layer with these colours, so i can live with sheerness. but i heard Chanel has improved the textures of their quads lately.
i have the european version with baked eyeshadow boutons, the US-version contain pressed eyeshadows, i heard those have a better texture.

 #46 Frissons

artificial light
Frissons quad is very beautiful, it holds:
  • a sheer plum with silky sheen
  • a dusky lavender/mauve with lots of blue microshimmer
  • a frosty shimmery rose
  • a beautiful sheer greyish blue with blue+green+gold shimmer
i love to layer the mauve or the blue on the plum colour. very nice effects!

#74 Nymphéa

artificial lighting
this quad really reminds me of water lillies (Nymphéa = water lilly). it contains:
  • a shimmery dark brown
  • a shimmery sheer light pastel green with green and gold shimmer
  • a frosty sheer beige
  • a peach-pink with strong gold duochrome shimmer

#87 Taupe Grisé

artificial lighting
Taupe Grisé was released with last fall's collection. it's a cool plummy brown with satin finish. it's very soft and blendable, i love it for a smokey brown eye or as outer corner shade. it's also beautiful to smoke out your liner and use with a light beige on the lid for daytime-wear.

in conclusion i can say that Chanel eyeshadows are very easy to wear. they are not very pigmented so almost fool-proof and you can even create pretty looks with their colour combinations if you are a beginner. some quads contain very beautiful and special colours, their gorgeousness will be revealed when you layer them. if you have a lot of eyeshadows but fell in love with a quad or you love Chanel, definitely a recommendation from my side.
but if you don't have many shadows and want a palette for everyday wear, look for other brands because the joy with Chanel's mini-amounts won't last long.
i still really like and would like to purchase some of the palettes (Mystic Eyes, Vanités), but it's like having the devil on the one and the angel on the other shoulder.
the mono eyeshadows are okay, remember they don't offer very special or beautiful colours. you can find some good staples in their  range, though.


  1. Taupe Gris is a favorite of mine.

  2. You don't know for how long time I've looked for Frissons "blue". That was my best color of all times. I was so sad when it was finished. Is there any dupe? Since years I am looking for it :)

    Thanks :)

  3. Going to purchase the Chanel Taupe Gris today. My favorite single eye shadow from Chanel is Cinnamon. So wearable and has the perfect softness to the color for every day wear.


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