Jan 23, 2011

Hourglass Visionare Eye Shadow Duo - Exhibition

finally i got an Eye Shadow Duo from Hourglass - after so many rave reviews and praises in the blogosphere i had to try it! and they weren't wrong.
Exhibition contains of a shimmering taupey rose and a deep charcoal with pink shimmer. i have never tried such good quality eyeshadows until today. i'm so wowed/overwhelmed/stunned!
the texture is just beyond amazing. an incredbly fine powder, fully pigmented from the first touch, soft and smooth.
the packaging is very classy and gimmicky, it is a bronze metallic looking plastic compact with a good sized mirror (which still has the foil sticking to it in my fotos) and a usable brush with soft natural bristles. it is highly drawn to fingerprints, though. the lid is the special feature with this, you can slide or twist it and close it with the mirror on the outside (magnetic closure). but in fact i don't really see the need for this.

the price of 33€ seems quite high in the first place, but this duo consists of two pans with twice as much product as a regular MAC eyeshadow EACH. so you get 2x3g of product for this - no need for fear of loss ;) you can order Hourglass products on zuneta.com, i also made a summary post about this brand here.
included brush top, MAC 217 bottom

compared to my other eyeshadows, nothing is comparable texture-wise, also in my collection i have no similar shade as intense as the dark shade in this duo.
the lighter colour reminds me of a less sparkly version of the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Green Eyes #380 eyeshadow.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets #380 - Kat von D Galeano (Beethoven palette) - Hourglass Exhibition duo - MAC It's A Miracle - Wet n'Wild trio (middle shade)

L'Oreal #380 - Kat von D Galeano - Hourglass Exhibition duo - MAC It's A Miracle - Wet n'Wild


  1. sehr schöne Farben, die Textur sieht wirklich toll aus!

  2. Ich glaube, ich muss dringend deinen Blog entabonnieren, da man hier andauernd und unverhofft über Zeug fällt, welches gefällt und darum auf der Must-Have-Liste landet.

    Du bist gefährlich und ich werde nur allzu leicht schwach bei Farben dieser Art ... *Opfer* X-)


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