Jan 20, 2011

MAC Dazzleglasses - lip swatches.

MAC Dazzleglasses are sheer, but very shimmery and glittery lipglosses that come with brush applicators.
they have a thick and sticky consistency and last about 3 hours on my lips. but most of the times i apply them over a lipstick, which shortens the wearing time. on top of lipsticks, they are not as obviously glittery and give them a nice dimension. 
although so glittery, these are very small particles that don't look cheap and don't make the gloss feel gritty. i'm not a big fan of glittery lips, so these aren't used too often, only for going out/parties (but as always, i had a time in my beauty-junkie-career, when i felt like i needed to own them - that's why i do.). one reason are the glitter particles themselves, which stick on your lips and everywhere else when the gloss is already faded away.
the biggest con for me is the packaging - it's very nice, much better than the normal MAC tubes, but also very misleading: they look much bigger than the normal glosses (which contain 4.8g of product for 16.50€/12.50£/14.50$) - but only contain 1.92g! (and even cost more than the normal glosses: 19.50€/16£/18$) fortunately i bought them off allcosmeticswholesale.com and didn't pay the full price for them ;)
so you better think twice before purchase - maybe take a look at the Chanel Glossimers (which have a nicer texture and contain a normal amount of product for your good money) or the Golden Glosses by YSL, which are also very shimmery.

now to the lip swatches

brush applicator
bare lips to compare

Babysparks Dazzleglass

Rags To Riches Dazzleglass

Bare Necessity Dazzleglass

 Moth To Flame Dazzleglass

as you can see, you can't see big differences (except Rags To Riches).

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