Jan 19, 2011

MAC Paint Pots

next to the ones i got from the Cham Pale collection (swatched here and here) i have a few other Paint Pots from MAC to show you.
MAC Paint Pots (5g - 20€/13.50£/16.50$) are long lasting cream eyeshadows that come in little glass jars, you can use them as eyeshadow base or even alone.  as colourful bases, they make your powder shadows last longer, give them a bit more "oomph" and help to bring out their shimmer/duochrome/intensity/whatever. they will set after a little time being applied and don't crease the whole day long (at least on the most of us). darker colours can also be used as an eyeliner, lighter colours even on the cheeks as a highlighter.
i like them a lot, although the permanent colour range is a little bit lame at the moment (only neutrals and a black one - some nice colours are discontinued).
some shades are shimmery, others not. but mostly they are of dryer and more waxy texture, e.g. compared to Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows.
i like to apply them with a MAC 217-type brush, swirling with the tip of the brush into the cream and then onto the lid. this gives me the best and easiest finish - it's even and blended out at the same time.
please make sure to close the lid tightly - or your paint pots will dry out quite fast. but even if you do so, some may still dry earlier than other shades, maybe it's because of the different formulation.

Girl Friendly Paint Pot
a non-shimmery light muted lavender/rose colour i got as a "special gift" from the "bring-a-friend" campaign at my counter. because it's pinkish, i can't use it as eyeshadow alone - it would give me the"sick-look". but it's beautiful as a base colour for every neutral shadow! this shade was LE/discontinued - i don't know.

Groundwork Paint Pot
a camel with slight shimmers and a satin finish. it's great as a base but also as an everyday-shadow. this shade is in the permanent range.

Constructivist Paint Pot
a shimmery chocolate brown - i like it for a quick brown smokey eye. its frost finish let your eyes glow!

Moss Scape Paint Pot
this is my favourite of all - an olive green with gold shimmers. i love it as a liner or a base for green and blue shades.  i bought this on allcosmeticswholesale.com, it is discontinued now.


  1. Hi Keto,
    do you still apply UDPP before using the PP? I've tried using Dangerouse cuvée without and it lasted about 6 hrs and started to crease on me. But I DO have super oily skin and thanks for mentioning the Benefit Creaseless CS because I was wondering if they were better as in staying power/"creaslessness" (is there such a word?) compared to the PPs.

  2. schade um girl friendly, solche farben stehen mir eigentlich sehr gut. *seufz*
    constructivist hast du mir mit "let your eyes glow" sehr schmackhaft gemacht. :D

  3. hi momma,
    i don't wear any other lid base under the paint pots or other long wearing cream shadows. i think it would help, if you blot your lids before applying anything to them. just use a cosmetic tissue to press lightly on your lids. this will help absorb any excess sebum or foundation or eye cream or whatever there is on your lids that can aggravate oilyness and creasing.

    strawbemmy: oh ja, constructivist ist echt toll, nicht nur allein, sondern auch als dunkle base für manch helle farben, die dadurch den besonderen twist bekommen, ist er klasse - ich besitze ja blackground nicht, den viele als dunkle base für z.b. diese schimmerenden mineralize eyeshadows von mac benutzen - da reicht mir auch ein dunkleres braun.


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