Jan 28, 2011

Givenchy Prisme Libre (I'm digging powders! - sequel)

the Givenchy Prisme Libre Air Sensation Loose Powder Quartet (wow - that was a mouth full!) is the newest addition to my powder-madness ;)
i got it in shade 2 - Delicate Beige and ordered from escentual.com for about 36£ (shipping included). i can't get Givenchy cosmetics where i live and this has great reviews on makeupalley.com. it is a loose powder with 4 different colours in 4 separated departments that should emphasize the best in your complexion (like take away dullness, brighten, even out, illuminate, refine, blabla) and works sort of like the Météorites powders by Guerlain.
the cubistic packaging is beautiful, very classy and great quality and contains 20g of product - i suppose 5g for each colour. the pouf is ok - but i wouldn't use it in conjunction with the powder, just to avoit it getting everywhere. only the sifter holes (in the pattern of 4 G's - the emblem of Givenchy) are too large - so if i want to pour the powder onto my little powder bowl to use it with a brush, i tend to get too much or i can't get an equal amount of each colour. maybe i'll seal some holes with a tape.
Delicate Beige consists of a light pink, a lavender, a light yellowish beige and a darker honey beige.
mixed together, it is a medium light pinkish powder, it takes away the dull grey veil of some foundations that are too yellowy (like Revlon Colorstay in #180 Sand Beige, or MAC Pro Longwear in NC20) and makes my skin look healthier - but definitely no Miss Piggy effect.
it has a beautiful floral scent - i like this much better than the violet scent from Guerlain powders.
this powder is very very finely milled, and my skin feels so smooth after applying it (because it also contains silica)! it gives my face a velvety sheen, a bit matte but still glowy - i can't overpowder with this, whatever amount i take.
if i look close on my hand-swatch, i can see the smallest illuminating bits, but no shimmer or glitter at all. on your face it's not noticeable. as the day moves on, the powder melts into the skin and gives it a gorgeous sheen.
it's not the best to set your foundation or to mattify long time, also it doesn't have any coverage. but i think it is a great effect powder that oilier skins can still use if the t-zone is setted with another powder and dry skins can benefit from it's silkyness, too.
i suggest you take a look on escentual.com to see the other shades that are available with this powder, i might get the shade #1 - Light Pastel some time (with green, pink, yellow and blue - in the way to even out your complexion).

here i'm wearing it:


  1. I love the look of this powder!

    It reminds me a little of the Maquillage 5th Anniversary Powder Set.

  2. H: yeah, its look is very intriguing - but i don't know of the Maquillage stuff - isn't it a daughter of shiseido or kanebo in japan?

  3. I'm 4 months late with my reply (!), but yep, I think so! The anniversary powder was £££ as I remember & looked lovely, but quite similar to this. I'm guessing it had 7 different shades of powder? It was quite legendary.

  4. thank you for your replay anyway!!! last time i browsed on a webstore with high end japanese brands my jaw dropped both because of their beautiful designs but also because of their prices! but that's definitely something i will look forward to try some time later!

  5. May I ask u a question? Please answer me soon.
    I have oily skin and i don't want a loose powder that make my face shimmer or glitter (like it 's full of oil on face. You say that this Givenchy loose have some illuminating bits, so does it make my face glow (like it 's full of oil)

  6. hi,
    this powder is not shimmery and it's also not shiny when applied. the finish is rather velvety. it doesn't look dull but also it doesn't mattify a long time.


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