Jan 21, 2011

MAC lustreglasses - lip swatches.

i only have a few Lustreglasses (each 4.8g - 16.50€/12.50£/14.50$). these are more sheer than the lipglasses, but also with lighter texture and more shimmer. they come with brush applicators.
i like to use them combined with a lipstick (also the brush applicator makes it easier to apply them evenly over another lip product).
wearing time is a little shorter than with the sticky lipglasses, the lustres last on me about 2 hours. they also have the problem with the goopy white line, even though a little lighter than with lipglasses.

brush applicator
bare lips for comparison

Spring Bean Lustreglass
 probably my most interesting gloss of all, everytime i take it out of my purse i get questions about this green gloss :D. but applied, it gives your lips a honey-coated look (no Shrek-style here, sorry ;) and takes away a bit of the redness in your lip(-stick) colour.

Love Nectar Lustreglass

Luminary Lustreglass

out of these, i like Luminary the best, it has a pretty pearl to it - but Spring Bean is also very gimmicky!

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