Jan 12, 2011

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush #65 Espiègle + Dupe

the Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in #65 Espiègle (4g - 36€) is new to their range with the Spring look 2011. the Joues Contrastes (JC) are baked shimmery blushes.
i'm not a fan of Chanel packaging - it looks classy from the outside but the lid always seems a little bit cheap. also the brush that comes with this is crap.
i have another JC from very long ago (8 years maybe) and always loved their rose scent which remained Chanel's signature scent for me.
i never purchased more of them because apart from the fantastic scent the JC didn't impress me much - it severely lacked pigmentation.
but Espiègle is different: the smell is not as strong as from years ago :( but the texture and pigmentation are much better.
it is a shimmery light peach-pink that would suit many skin tones. although swatched very shimmery, it gives just a healthy glow on your cheeks without looking "too much", it becomes a beautiful sheen with good depth. that really impressed me, i was afraid it wouldn't be work-appropriate because of all the shimmers - but it is.
this colour is very easy to wear, it can go with every look. you can't overdose and it blends beautifully without getting blotchy.

comparison swatches

i compared it to some light peachy-pinks in my collection - but i find it being quite unique. it is light, pink,  but infused with gold shimmer that seems on another level than the colour, do you know what i mean? like with NARS Orgasm for example, the gold sheen seems much more flat than with this.

 top row: Chanel Joues Contraste #13 Candy - Chanel Joues Contraste #65 Espiègle - MAC Mineralize Blush Rhapsody In Two
2nd row: Benefit Coralista - MAC Mineralize Blush Dainty - MNY Blush #301 - NARS Deep Throat

Benefit Coralista - MAC Dainty - MNY #301 - Chanel Candy - Chanel Espiègle - MAC Rhapsody In Two - NARS Deep Throat

DUPE: all in all, i think the cheapest one, MNY #301 would be the most acceptable dupe for this. it is just a bit darker and peachier than Espiègle (and applies more frosty). but with a light hand and good blending, you can get a similar effect for a fraction of the price -  i think the MNY blush is just somewere between 2-4€.

sorry because i couldn't do daylight swatches - i'll make up for this on the weekend! (but i wanted to give you some swatches as early as possible so you can decide wether getting it or not)


  1. Thanks for the swatches, Keto! I have seen Espiègle on the Net from beauty Bloggers, but nobody has compared the texture and shimmer with MACs' mineralized blushes. I don't own any Chanel nor NARS cosmetics and only have one MAC mineralize blush in Warm Soul. What do you think about it? Is the texture comparable to MAC's mineralize blushes?

  2. chanel: - shimmer is finer and more evenly distributed
    - the texture of the blush itself is also more finely milled
    - chanel's shimmer is mostly golden.
    - base colour has more sheen
    mac: - dainty for example has multicolour shimmer, tending golden
    - base colour is satiny
    - shimmer seems like randomly sprinkled in

    i like both. but maybe mac even more.

  3. Thank you! Golden shimmer doesn't look good on me, so I'll give it a pass!

  4. thanks for the great review, helps a lot.
    do you think the blush is suitable for warm, darker skintones? i could take a look at it at the store, but i wasn't quite sure.. if the colour would show up on my skin. what do you think?


  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhh wie bist du nur an den Chanel Candy rangekommen...ich versuch den seit langem zu ergattern, aber erfolglos :(

  6. den hab ich damals (vor ca. 8 jahren) ganz normal am counter gekauft - und in der zwischenzeit nie wieder über chanel nachgedacht, wusste gar nicht, dass der beliebt ist/war. ich hab chanel erst seit ca. 1 jahr für mich wiederentdeckt ;)

  7. Ich hab erst jetzt gesehen, dass du mir letztes jahr geantwortet hast (schande über mich) falls du das noch lesen wirst :) ich hab ihn nun endlich gefunden. Candy ist bereits aus dem Sortiment genommen worden (sowohl Europa als auch in den Staaten), komischerweise gibt es diesen nur noch in Asien :/

  8. Hi Cami
    kein problem ;) wenn du ihn immer noch unbedingt willst, hilft wohl nur duty free in asien als günstige alternative oder sowas wie bonboncosmetics.com als teurere option für ca 65$. die listen das blush zwar nicht, können es aber ganz sicher für dich beschaffen wenn du im kontaktformular danach fragst.

    LG keto


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