Jan 22, 2011

the Balm

as they were sold on Brands 4 Friends at a discounted price some weeks ago, i bought some products from the Balm to try. this week they were delivered - and first i hesitated to swatch them for a few days, because i still doubted the packaging. it is cute and so on, but really not my style, all those extra-cutiness and retro-style like with Benefit, Urban Decay, Too Faced, ... and the cardboard packaging (!) ... i can't get over it. especially if i spend a little bit more money on a product, i also have specific expectations about the packaging.
but since i already bought it at a drugstore price level, i won't complain and treat it like so.

have you got some stuff during the sale? do you enjoy them?
i'll do separate posts about each product, because with comparison swatches, it gets quite pic-heavy.

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  1. Meine Bestellung ist auch gestern kekommen. Ich muss auch noch Fotos machen, dann erst darf ich reinpatschen :D Die Verpackung finde ich recht schnuffig. Wenn man hauptsächlich schlichte Verpackungen hat ist das mal eine nette Abwechslung :D


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