Jan 2, 2011

recent MAC haul

about a week ago, i received my last order from Hana (Mad About MAC on facebook). i ordered some blushes and an eyeshadow refill.
i really like to buy my MAC stuff from her, she offers all products from the permanent range to a discounted price, she also can get PRO-stuff and now even almost every brand  you can think of and the customer contact is always very quick and friendly. of course everything is authentic.
because i normally only order permanent products from her the shipping time doesn't bother me very much (she is settled in the states).

it's Cubic Blush, Mocha Blush, Gentle Mineralize Blush and Greensmoke Eyeshadow.
overall, i like matte finish blushes better than shimmery ones, because they don't emphasize uneven skin and never look overdone or greasy. on the other hand, you need good textures because matte finishes easily tend get blotchy with a poor texture. if you don't put them directly on liquid foundation or cream blushes but powder your cheeks beforehand, this would help.
and if you want shimmer, you can always  add some with highlighting powders. but with shimmery blushes, you really must be careful not to look like a greaseball if you still wish to use a highlighter. but still i get intrigued by shimmery blushes regularly :P

daylight: MAC Cubic - Mocha - Gentle - Greensmoke
artificial light: Cubic - Mocha - Gentle - Greensmoke

Cubic Blush (6g - originally 22€/16.50£/18.50$, Hana takes 17$  (shipping excluded)) is a natural beige-pink satin finish colour with no shimmers. it looks good with sultry looks as it is very natural but gives a beautiful definition to your cheeks but it's also a great everyday-colour. it reminds me of Blushbaby blush, but is sheerer, a bit lighter and more beige than Blushbaby. you can hardly overdose with this.

Mocha Blush is a rose colour with matte finish, i've wanted this blush for ever because it is such an allrounder shade, it goes with every look. especially in these cold weathers, it gives you a natural flush, just like when you came from a walk outside. it is deeper and more muted than Pinch O'Peach and pinkier than Blushbaby Blush.

MAC Mocha - Blushbaby - Cubic

Gentle Mineralize Blush (3.5g - originally 23€/17£/21$, Hana takes 20$  (shipping excluded)) is a raspberry colour with gold shimmer. it has a beautiful multidimensional and multicoloured (but mostly gold&pink) sparkle and doesn't look frosty or greasy when applied at all. it's a great winter blush and quite cool toned.

Greensmoke Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill (1.5g - originally 13€/9£/11$, Hana takes 10$  (shipping excluded)/container form would cost originally 17€/11£/14.50$, Hana would take 13.50$) is an olive shade with golden green sheen and silver glitter particles, it has a lustre finish. i think it would look great with old gold shadows or a green smokey eye. for this shade i strongly recommend a lid primer or a cream shadow as a base to avoid fall outs and blotchiness.
just for illustration i made a picture of Greensmoke together with Smoke&Diamonds Eyeshadow and Humid Eyeshadow, but those 3 aren't comparable at all.

MAC Humid - Greensmoke - Smoke&Diamonds

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