Jan 22, 2011

the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

this is the last item from my b4f-order, the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlight powder. it contains 8.5g and costs 22€ regularly, on b4f they offered it for sth. around 12-13€.
the packaging lay out is really cute, like: "you can get arrested for being so overly sexy with this powder on". yeah.
but it's still cute, with the fingerprints and so on.
the container is also nice, a pin-up image on a slim silver plastic  compact with a mirror inside.
it is a quite shimmery pale gold highlight powder. it's very finely milled and goes on very smoothly, but the pigmentation is high, so you'll need the lightest hand and the most loose brush to make it work. it is more appropriate for candlelight dinners or parties, where you sometimes want to go overboard with your look.
i can't recommend it to oily skinned girls, as it can look greasy and emphasize your pores.
i'm fairly disappointed with this, i read so many rave-reviews about it and hoped that i could love it, too. but it just makes me look too metallic.
also, i already have a bunch of pale gold highlighters, so i don't have a need or use for it any longer. maybe i'll just return it or sell it. this is also a negative point of buying stuff from such companies like b4f, you buy it today but have to wait some weeks until they deliver it. it's like buying overseas - just those things are bought more thoughtfully - with the discount sales, you are also drifted by the savings and tend to buy things you're unsure of.
that's also what happened to me - i found sth. better in the mean time, waiting for my order to come - and that is the Too Chic Beauty Powder from MAC's Stylishly Yours collection.

here it is swatched and compared to other highlight powders:

the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer - Lorac Spotlight - MAC Too Chic - MAC Chez Chez Lamé - Dior Amber Diamond (only the two lighter stripes)

i'm wearing it in this picture (i already powdered over it to take away a bit of shine)

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