Jan 22, 2011

the Balm Overshadow in No Money, No Honey

the Sexpots Overshadows are very shimmery loose mineral shadows that you can wear alone or over another eyeshadow to give it more shimmer and shine. they contain 0.57g (how little!) and cost 16€ (i paid about 10 at b4f).
No Money, No Honey is a sheer light shimmery beige, applied it is not as shimmery but gives a nice sheen on your lids. it gives a really "awake-look" and i think it would also be a good party-highlight for your cheeks (although the content is so little that i wouldn't use it on a large area).
it is very finely milled, but because it doesn't contain of binders (only mica - so if you're a "self-made"-girl, you don't need to buy it for this price), it would drop off your eyelids and the shimmer would end everywhere on your face if you don't use a eye-primer/cream shadow underneath. it comes in a little sifter jar with a pin up illustration on the lid.

applied dry on moiturised arm
on Urban Decay Primer Potion
applied on the primer, the shade will loose some of it's shimmery-ness, the pigments will adhear to the base and give a metallic finish.

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  1. I'm wearing it over Catrice Bring me frosted cake and the effect is awesome :) Love it!


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