Jan 24, 2011

Addicted Cosmetics

first time i heard about this brand, Addicted Cosmetics, was in a youtube video of FleurDeForce. i immediately fell in love with one of the shadows she showed in a "Face Pad" (a palette with 4 eyeshadows and two blushers) - it seemed like a shimmery old gold and reminded me of some of my most favourite eyeshadows. i paused the video right away to browse the website of this brand, addictedcosmetics.co.uk, to find out the name of this shade - it was Sandstorm. luckily they offered this shade as a single pot, too, because it was the only must-have for me at the moment.
i ordered it for 8£ plus 6£ shipping fee.

so about 2 weeks ago, i got the order coming in with the mail.
the eyeshadow houses in a sleek black container with a bottom level consisting a little mirror and a sponge tip applicator (i find it a little bit strange to have a mirror on the bottom of your eyeshadow - but i wouldn't use the lower level anyway).
the pan itself contains 1.5g of product. seeing it live, it has more bronze to it than i imagined - a shimmery golden bronze with pink microshimmers. it looks like a MAC Patina on crack - and Patina is my most favourite MAC eyeshadow, so of course i fell in love with the colour in an instant. and the texture! it's soo well pigmented, buttery and smooth! it reminded me of Dior, Urban Decay or MAC Starflash texture - although not as waxy as Urban Decay and also not too soft like MAC Starflash, Artdeco or Dior can sometimes be. it also blends very easily.
the longevity of it is excellent - even after 15 hours of wear (i put it over Urban Decay Primer Potion), it doesn't show any signs of fading or creasing, the shimmer and sheen remains just like freshly applied.
i'm totally happy with it and used it continuously as my everyday-eyeshadow since i got it. i definitely plan on testing more products from this promising brand.
it feels great - just like you just dug out a treasure. so come, dear readers, and grab you some gold!

these are the shades that came to my mind as comparables - from left:
  • NARS Rajasthan Duo (the golden taupe)
  • MAC Patina 
  • Addicted Cosmetics Sandstorm
  • MAC Go
  • Guerlain #2 Place de Vendôme (the golden taupe)
NARS - MAC Patina - Addicted Cosmetics - MAC Go - Guerlain

NARS - MAC Patina - Addicted Cosmetics - MAC Go - Guerlain
NARS - MAC Patina - Addicted Cosmetics - MAC Go - Guerlain

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