Jan 3, 2011

MAC Cham Pale part II

this is all my Cham Pale haul together (except the eyeshadow refills, which i already had but were released in a quad with this limited edition). you can read part I here.

today was the official release of the Cham Pale collection by MAC, so i stopped by a counter to pick up some things i still wanted. i chose Soirée Nail Lacquer, Vintage Selection Paint Pot and Dangerous Cuvée Paint Pot. i originally wanted to get the other Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Rose Olé, too, but i brought my By Candlelight MSF with me to compare, and they looked quite exactly alike (Rose Olé was just a little bit sheerer on me).

Soiree Nail Lacquer (10ml - 13€) is a glittery light copper color with a metallic finish. i don't like the brush on MAC's nail polishes, they spread out too much and precise application is relatively hard with them.  but the texture of this polish is very creamy and gives an even, non-streaky finish with quick drying. it's opaque in two coats. with it's metallic, almost foil-like finish, this would be great for going out and parties. i wished i got this earlier, it would have been beautiful for new year's eve.

YSL Pink Gold - MAC Soirée - Essence Sparkling Dawn
i also brought some similar polishes out of my collection to compare, but still could justify the purchase of Soirée.  YSL #140 Pink Gold has the same colour, but is frost and not glittery finish, Essence Sparking Dawn is much sheerer and is a light silver-pink.

Vintage Selection Paint Pot (5g - 20€) is a light gold-taupe with metallic finish an silver flecks. it's texture is the smoothest of the 3 i bought, the other paint pots had more chunky glitter in them. i don't have another cream eyeshadow that resembles Vintage Selection, i only swatched it next to Benefit Birthday Suit Creaseless Cream Shadow (which is lighter, cooler and more beige) and Benefit Marry Up Creaseless Cream Shadow (which is more peachy-brown and darker) for demonstration.
i originally brought Benefit Marry Up to compare it to the fourth paint pot of this collection, Let Me Pop, but Let Me Pop was much peachier/orangier on me and wouldn't suit my complexion.

daylight - it started to get dark again :(
daylight: Benefit Birthday Suit - MAC Vintage Selection - Benefit Marry Up

Dangerous Cuvée Paint Pot (5g - 20€) is a sheer grey colour with a ton of silver and blue glitter flecks. i was looking forward to it the most. in comparison to Benefit Skinny Jeans Creaseless Cream Shadow, it's much cooler and more glittery. it's lighter, sheerer, more glittery and less blue-based than Benefit Strut Creaseless Cream Shadow and a little bit more purplish, sheerer and more glittery than Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #2 Acier.

daylight: MAC Dangerous Cuvée - Benefit Skinny Jeans - Benefit Strut - MUFE Aqua Cream #2

i didn't buy the Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad, because there were two permanent shades in it that i already had, and a light shimmery pink (Et Tu, Bouquet?) which i didn't like. only the fourth shade, a cool shimmery taupe (Caviar Dreams) was appealing to me, but couldn't justify buying the whole thing. i heard it would be similar to a shade in a holiday palette i own (Tartan Tale collection - 6 Dashing Lassies palette - Magical Mist eyeshadow) - they even would have had the same working names in the developing process.
the permanent shadows were Brulé and Retrospeck.

Brulé - a light matte beige/cream
Brulé: swatched it's almost invisible
Retrospeck - a shimmery light gold

i skipped all lip products - the lipgelees were toooo glittery with the glitter only sitting on my lips undimensionally and the frosty lipsticks don't suit me - and all eyeliners ( i already had Feline and the others didn't really catch my eye).


  1. Hi there,
    did you notice if Rosé Olé accentuates your pores when applied? I have really oily skin and I'm not sure if I should purchase, but it does look pretty!

  2. Hi! Thanks for reading my Blog! i didn't get Rose Ole because it was too similar in colour to By Candlelight MSF. I find By Candlelight not as frosty as other MSFs but more tricky than the Beauty Powders from the Stylishly Yours Collection, for example.

  3. Yeah, i read that u didn't get it, but i thought since u bought chez chez lamé, it might be similar. As in, if it is that shimmery that it "enlarges" your pores? Thanks!

  4. swatched at the counter, i found Rose Olé less shimmery and frosty than Chez Chez Lamé. with the latter, i have to be careful to use just a bit to not get emphasized pores, so i use the duo fibre brush (MAC 131) with it. but i think it's not the case with Rose Olé, although i wouldn't use it as a blush (which means not on a bigger area) because i don't find that sort of shimmer very flattering as a blush.

  5. Thank you! I really have to be careful not to buy stuff only because it looks good ans esp. with asian skin and oiliness,.. difficult combo! :)


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